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  1. So I really want a wah to use with my big muff distortion pedal (yes, like Cliff >.<). I was thinking of getting the Original Crybaby Wah or the Crybaby 105Q Bass Wah. The original is cheaper, so I would prefer to get it. So my main question is do they both pretty much do the same thing? Or is the bass wah really worth the more money? thanks in advance


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  4. If you use the original Crybaby, as soon as you step on the pedal you lose all bottom end. These are only really good for bass if you are running a stereo rig IMHO, or if your sound has no bottom to begin with.

    The bass wah is great fun and retains the lows, although you can't leave the pedal in any position other than off as it rocks back if you take your foot off. This isn't the end of the world but every now and then I'd like to leave it half open maybe for a different sound... No biggie though.
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    Hi Xanthyon.

    You'll receive more in-depth responses if you post in the effects forum:

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    Some decent-sounding bass wahs from Wilson Effects. (With sound clips.)