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Need help picking out a bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sonic_Death, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Hey guys. Well i've been searching over for year now on a third bass to buy, and i'm having problems committing to anything. I currently have a 68' Fender Telecaster and ESP B-304, but the tele I wouldn't risk hurting and the esp is not cutting it. I would like a 4 string fretted, 24 frets, I like neck through's but bolt on is good, preferrably passive pickups but doesnt matter as much if I like them, active 3 band eq, 34" scale.

    I have been to guitar center and sam ash, but im a bit pressed for money at this time. I'm looking to spend at max $600. I have tried an Ibanez EDB-600, Epiphone Thunderbird IV, Dean edge Q4, Spector NS2000 Q4 and am looking at a lot at used things on ebay. These are all okay, but I just didn't feel comfortable enough buying them. I play a lot of various things like motown, jazz, funk but also classic rock and metal. I like very heavy lows and defined highs. I like to slap and tap, I play with my fingers and strum a lot, I just don't like to be limited. Im really not as picky as I may sound, I just want a bass that I know will suit my needs and will be reliable. Thank you for any comments, because im bugging out looking.
  2. Sounds like you're looking for a nice used Fender Jazz. Jazzes can pretty much do it all.

    With that said there's a sweet Ibanez ATK 305 ( 5 stringer) for sale on e-bay. These things are renowned slap monsters, but I doubt they'll provide the other tonal things you require.

    (That's precisely why CaracasBass bought himself a Mike Dirnt P-Bass)