Need help reinstalling the neck on my jazz.

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    Last week I tried to swap the neck on my squier p with my squier's Jazz neck. The neck on the p is so badly warped that is not worth it to have it repaired and i like the sound of p basses anyways. Well, when I screwed the neck into the pocked and I installed the strings, I noticed the action was way too high, so I tried again but not matter how many times I tried, everytime I screwed the neck into the pocked the strings always ended way to far from the fretboard. I finally gave up and I've realized that I've should have left the jazz the way it was, since it played and sounded pretty decent. I've decide I'll bolt the jazz neck back to the jazz body but I am afraid I'll end up in the same situation than before with the action way too high. I dont know much about bass repairs and I really have no time to go to the shop. How can I assure proper string alignment when I reinstall the neck on the jazz bass?
  2. This is a fairly common problem when switching necks. The fix, is to install a shim at the rear of the neck pocket. This will tilt the neck down, which will bring the strings down. The average shim is about the thickness of a credit card. Cut it to about 1/2" X 2 1/2". Remove the neck, insert the shim at the very back of the pocket and reinstall the neck making sure the shim does not slide out of position. You may have to increase or decrease the thickness of the shim to get the strings where you want them when the saddles are adjusted to about 1/2 of their height. For string alignment, move the neck left or right until the outer strings are equal distance from the neck edges, before tightening the screws all the way
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    This ^^ Also too, lower each saddle on your bridge and work your way back up for optimal action. You will also need to intonate all over again to accomodate the new neck
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    Do online research on how to set up a bass. Using a shim is not unusual as part of that process. It has been described here on TB in many threads.
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    I've referred to this both times I've added a shim. Always find it really helpful and easy to follow. Great results both times and it will help a lot with upper fret action. The only difference I had with the guide is that I always did it with strings off.

    BTW, even though it says Stratocaster forum the instrument shimmed is a Squire P.

    How to Shim a Neck - Step by Step with Photos - Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum