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Need Help Revamping

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Aeolian-Terror, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Aeolian-Terror


    Sep 20, 2005
    Hey All First post here so losing my E-virginity yay... anyway

    I currenty play through a Mo'bass head(the old one that has power in it too) and a megoliath... Well As i play through it more and more I realise I am not using full potential of the amp and want to sell it and the megoliath and start from scratch... I am thinking of going Sm-900 Keeping the megoliath cab and just running that Or SM-500 and a 750x poweramp behind it... Other options I have thought about are Aguilar or Ampeg I play In a band where i need to be heard in all area low high mid For the Fast note progressions and Solo Stuff under two loud guitars so If anyone has any ideas I Have an open ear... I think I am set on the SM-900and keeping my megoliath but never played one and wondering if anyone can tell me how it stacks against others... anyhow enough chatter thanks in advance =)
  2. Plain Old Me

    Plain Old Me

    Dec 14, 2004
    If you like the sound you get, I'd suggest the Mini Mo with a good poweramp behind it, or if you like SWR sound a preamp or head with a good poweramp. I would suggest against the SWR power amp; I have always found them a bit overpriced in volume vs $. Go for a QSP or Crown or other such power amp. And if you like your current sound, just plug this into your Megoliath. However, if you want to try out a new sound, Ampeg and Aguilar are very warm amps, especially coming from SWR. About what budget do you have? What kind of music do you play? What sound do you want?
  3. Aeolian-Terror


    Sep 20, 2005
    Well Want a Crisp Sound and after a lot of searching and listening i think i am going to go with SM-900 Big Ben and a goliath III and later on a poweramp if needed... Only other suggestion I am guessing is just doing Sm-900 with a crown and going through the megoliath.... the sound i am looking for is one that cuts through easy with some thump like deep thump ... where i think the big ben will help.

    I do know that Aguilar especially has major thump wich i love for tapping... i noticed my mo bass does not pick up the tappings like the aguilar does... ampeg I think i am gunna not deal with... My price range is around 3,000 most likely But yea if anyone has had Dealings with SM-900 and a similar big ben goliath III setup lemme know... also I want to dial my tone and be able to mess with every aspect of it wich i hear the sm 900 does well also ... anyhow i am carying on lol thanks in advance for the posts.
  4. Hey man, i've had a bunch of experience with the gear in question so here's a few thoughts:

    - The SM-900 is a *wonderful* head. It sounds like you're already a fan of the SWR sound and can't imagine you being disappointed with an SM-900. I have had an SM-900 for almost 2 years and have always loved it. And, it does have more than enough headroom to power an 8x10 4ohm setup like yours (which is great to have).

    - Back when the Mo'Bass first came out (the full version like yours), a friend of mine owned one and had it at a practice space I was using, so I ran through it approx 2-dozen times over the course of several months. I was excited to try one as it was back when I was looking to upgrade to bigger and bigger SWR stuff (before I ended up with an SM-900). It was a really neat amp, and the effects were nice, but I was never happy with the clean tone (which was all I used). The SM-900 clean tone blew it out of the water IMO which is why I ended up with one instead of a Mo'Bass. So, from my experience, an SM-900 would be a definite step up for you in tone quality at least.

    - I would be very reluctant to fiddle with your cabinet setup. As background info, I originally owned an SWR Super Redhead, which I added an SWR Goliath III to. When I sold the Super Redhead and got an SM-900, I was then on the lookout for a second cabinet to go with the Goliath III. I tried every other SWR cabinet under the sun (1x18 Big Ben, 2x15 Big Bertha, 1x15 Son of Bertha, 8x8 Henry the 8th, 4x8 Henry Jr, 2x12 Big Foot, their Triad cabinet, and others i'm probably forgetting :) but ended up with another Goliath III, giving me a virtually identical cabinet setup to your Megoliath.

    I know that on paper it seems like a nice 1x18 or other large speaker setup would be a great 'compliment' to the Goliath III but I really never found that to be the case. The 8x10 setup by far gave me the biggest, cleanest, highest definition sound with the most 'cut' of any setup. Since you already own the Megoliath, I think you run the risk of ending up spending alot of time and several hundred $$$ making the switch, only to find that its not as good as your original cabinet. If you really are set on the idea, please make sure you try the other setups side by side with your Megoliath and be absolutely sure it's what you want (with a drummer/band if possible).

    I hope some of that info is useful. I have a ton of experience with the gear you're looking at so if I missed something you'd like me to cover let me know.

    Also, if you do decide on an SM-900, let me know as I do have an SM-900 in excellent or near mint condition that I haven't had a use for and can't really justify keeping around anymore.