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Need help selecting microphone/headset for singing

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by KeiBau, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. I play Bass in the church Praise & Worship setting. I can sing well enough but have not while playing bass, until now, because it's somewhat difficult to play bass lines and sing at the same time. The other day at practice, we were short one male vocalist which left us with one male against five women. I started singing harmony, un-microphoned. Our lead came over to listen and then hollered to the sound guy "get a microphone over here right now". Well, when I play bass, I seem to be looking around and moving my head a lot, so she then called for a headset for me. The one they let me use wasn't comfortable and I prefer to use my own equipment anyway, so I'd like to purchase my own headset. Does anyone have any experience with headset microphones and can make recommendations? The ones I have seen at American Musical Supply are: AKG C444L, AKG C420, Crown CM-311A, Shure SM12A, and Shure SM10A. I lean toward the Crown, but am not stuck on any one particular model. I sing primarily bass/baritone and cover a range that starts at low-B on my five string bass(B on a good day, always can hit low-D) and up to cover over three octaves, so need a microphone to cover that range. The singing and playing worked well at practice but in front of the congration on Sunday with everyone singing and the band cranked, a couple of times I couldn't hear my voice in the monitor and had to rely on just feeling vibrations in my chest. I'm wondering if a headset model with earphone would be of benefit? So, if anyone else has had experience with this, your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Come on guys! Hasn't somebody had experience with headsets? I searched the board and found info on hand held mics, but not much regarding detail on headsets.

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