Need help! Strings for 35.5" scale 5 string

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    So I've decided my strings are dead again and need some help. I don't change them nearly often enough and can't remember what I bought last time, except that I know they are steel. I play a walnut Carven 5 string with a 35.5" scale and string through body. I like a bright sound, even twangy would be good, of that's even possible with my scale length. Anyway, I was looking at Curt Mangan 40-125 SS. does anyone have any experience with these or could someone recommend a different brand, gauge or type?

    Also does anyone know what bronze acoustic strings sound like on an electric? Just curious if anyone's tried it - must be outrageously bright. Thanks!
  2. DR hi beam strings will fit your bass and I think they sound/feel amazing
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    Get your strings from Bass Strings Online

    He's a fellow TB user, will beat any pricing, and has discount pricing for TB users. Just sign up on his site and let him know your TB user ID.

    And yes...DR HiBeams would be my suggestion as well. They are wound to 38" so they will fit without issue.

    He can even do custom sets so you can get a lighter 4 string set with a heavier B if that's what you want. I like 40-100 with a .135 B personally.
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    It's best to measure an old string from your bass, or remove one and measure from the ball to where it contacts the nut,
    and also the length from the ball to the first tuning post and have those numbers at hand when contacting BSO or looking anywhere for new strings.
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    Measure the length from the ball to the point the string clears the nut on the tuner side, then consult Jason's manufacturer's chart on string lengths. Then you can narrow down your search.
  6. Here's the actual info from BSO:

    Bass String Lengths by Manufacturer
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    +1 on going with Bass Strings Online!
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