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Need help with a measurement

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Bardolph, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Bardolph


    Jul 28, 2002
    Grand Rapids, MI
    So I'm building this fretless bass and it's a neck through and the neck is not angled. In all the basses I've seen, the part where the neck meets the body the neck sticks a little bit above the body along with the fretboard. My question is, how far above the body should the neck be? I know the fingerboard is 1/4" already. I have an illustration that might explain my question better.
  2. pilotjones

    pilotjones Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2001
    Depends on how high your bridge is.
  3. mslatter


    Apr 8, 2003
    You've already built it without a neck angle? Then I guess the question is how far should you recess the bridge? :)

    The strings should ride very close to, if not actually touching, the fingerboard when the bridge is in its lowest position. Otherwise, you will not have the action adjustability you need from your bridge. So, without a neck angle, you either have to raise the fingerboard above the body slab or sink the bridge below it. How much depends on the specific bridge, but for you it'll be the height of the top of the saddle when the bridge is in its lowest position less the 1/4" depth of you fingerboard.
  4. Bardolph


    Jul 28, 2002
    Grand Rapids, MI
    We don't have to recess the bridge, we still shave down the body cause the wings aren't sized and glued on yet.
  5. JP Basses

    JP Basses

    Mar 22, 2002
    Paris FRANCE
    Value your after = minimum bridge height - fingerboard thickness - fret height

    Peace, JP
  6. mslatter


    Apr 8, 2003
    Gollum? Is that you? :)

    What JP said - I forgot to include the frets!