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need help with a speaker problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by whitester, May 29, 2001.

  1. Hey to all bassists from the land down under.

    I've been gigging around for ages with my trusty HARTKE 4x10 and a 300 watt head. But of late on of the speakers (i hope it's only one but can't tell which one) seems to have aquired , a sort of clack when i'm playing . It's not all the time just when a little more volume or force is used (i never go over 5 on master vol or pre volumes) But the problem sometimes goes away when i completely cover the hole in the back (which i don't think is a good thing)

    So any insight to my problem would be great, but i hope my speakers aren't dying on me.
  2. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    I wish I could help, but I'm not one that knows many F.A.Q. answers about speakers... I'm sure someone else'll answer it. I'd personally take it to a tech.
  3. yeah thats what my next decision would be crawlingeye. I dont think it's a big prob , like on stage and DI'ed and the rest of the band you don't notice it but if it was mic'ed in the studio it might end up on the track. it's a bit weird which makes me think it's just an acoustics thing b/c i doesn't change with volume it's always the same loudness

    Any one else with any clues?
  4. Covering the port changes the tuning of the box and this is not a Good Thing.

    If you are under warranty, by all means take it in. If not, get it looked at, as I suspect you have one that is on its' last legs.
  5. Might be just a simple mechanical thing, rather than one of the drivers.

    Try to shake the cab, maybe with 2 people, and see if anything's loose inside. Tap all sides of the box inch by inch and listen closely for rattles etc. It's cheaper than taking it to a store and have them remove a beer cap that fell in the bass port... :)

    My 2 cents.
  6. Ahh the beauty of these fora... once again, the simpler answer eludes me... :D
  7. hm.. is it not possible that there is a little tear in one of the aluminium foil thingies?

    If you cover the hole, it'll 'flap' less so the sound may be less pronounced.

    Just my 2 eurocents.
  8. leftybassdog

    leftybassdog Senior Supporting Member

    Is your cab a XL or transporter ? what you can do is feel the port holes and see if they are loose, if not you can check each driver with a 9 volt battery, to do it you must remove each driver one at a time the drivers have spade clips and are marked + and - the wire will be black for - and black for + and will change to the next driver so look and mark where they were ! put the battery to the clips + to + and -to- the driver will move when you do this and if it is bad you will hear a scraping sound, if no scraping is heard put the driver back in and move to the next one.each driver is 8 ohm and are run 4 ohm total left and 4 ohm total right for the total of 8 ohm for the cab, if ohms are not your bag just be sure not to remove more then one driver at a time, if you need help just send me a message,
  9. thanks guys , for all the input,

    to answer a q it's one of the xl series, with the little 5.5 in the middle. but not the aluminium cone. I was lead to believe that 'paper' cones were a better as they gave a much warmer, sound than the aluminium ones (maybe also b/c the guy only had 'paper' ones to sell )

    the ohm test is out i think as i have now electrical sense and would probably end up frying all four drivers, will give the shake thing a try but i still think it's more driver orientated

    thanks from one of the aussie contributors
  10. :D :D
  11. gave it a shake, but didn't here anything rattle, but i played it a bit more lately and it seems there might be two sounds, one a slight zzzz like the front grill is loose or some thing, but its not and the other, more of a clak, definately driver orientated. Oh well will have to wait until next week to check, as the luxuries of having a big rig....love the sound hate to cart it around.
  12. Voice coil rub.
    Needs a recone.
    Sometimes just dropping your cabinet hard
    can cause the voice coils to jar enough to cause
    problems with the micro-alinement.

    Other causes- power amp clipping.
    Or just plain ready for a recone 'cause they have
    done their duty.

    Can last quite a while longer in their present state.
    But with any power, the speakers will have that light flutter.
  13. i reckon you might just have DD, but how can you tell which driver it is, and do you have any idea what this kida thing will cost. ?
  14. I just sent some SWR eight's to be reconed $30 each, minus shipping.
  15. i hope it's not a big operation. Thats $30 US. double it for down here. if just the voice coil is outawhack, would that be minor? just a little band aid kinda problem or body brace kinda problem .... oh and what does a recone involve.

    poor little unlearned me.
  16. Bottom Line: stop guessing.
    Send it to the shop.
    Spend some money on those you love.
    That's what I do.

    Everything else is guess work.
    With a shop solving the problem, you have
    someone to blame if something goes wrong. That itself is worth the $.

    Get an expert opinion from someone actually listening to the cabinet.

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