need help with battery draining

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  1. Hey guys, I picked up one of the Glock pre's a couple months ago and it eats batteries like it's always on, even when not plugged in. I thought that I had traced all the wires to the jack and everything was hooked up correctly.

    Is there another reason it would be doing this?

    For a little more background info, I have the 3 band Glockenklang pre with a pair of EMG 40J's, hence the reason I ended up using the EMG power/pickup buss....

    Hopefully this pic will explain things a little better. I can take more if need be...Thanks


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  2. Have you checked the jack socket with a meter to make sure it is disconnecting the battery -ve lead when unplugged?

    (Unplug the battery and chord and meter between the 2 black wires on the jack socket, it should be open circuit.)
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