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  1. hello to everyone this is my first post. i am intersted in buying an acoustic bass. i am a big jazz bass fan and have loved bass all my life. i am not a professional but would like to learn to play bass for fun/hobby.
    i have been looking on the internet and have no clue what i am reading and looking at, i would just like some tips and clarifiation on some terms such as 3/4 vs. 4/4,gamba style, is it better to get a used bass or new bass i dont want to spend more than 1K. any information will be useful thanks.
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    You can't get much for 1K. You will want a 3/4 gamba shaped bass as the other styles may cost more.
    Plywood models are what you will look at. The Bass is hard enough to play as it is. Getting a cheap Bass that is hard to play will discourage you from learning. Try raising the bar to 2-3k and see the choices you have. Playability is the key to learn the Bass. Get a good teacher as well. It's not as easy as it looks.
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    check out the newbie links. there's a wealth of knowledge there for the aspiring player including bass comparisons and newbie bass buying tips. With that out of the way...
    basic tips:
    Stay away from ebay and cremona basses
    DO try before you buy
    Get a teacher first, the teacher can help you pick out a bass in your price range
    Consider renting to own... you will have the ability to get a bass under your fingers to see if its really for you and u can also stretch out payments so you can afford a bass in a higher price range (2k-3k)

    I am not an expert and in fact a newbie myself (less than a month on the UB)
    But I learned all this stuff by just reading this board and especially the newbie links
    So give it a try!
    good luck
    ~spots :hyper:
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    Mar 1, 2002
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    Check out the ''for sale'' thread. Sam Adams has a Bass for sale for $1,600.oo that would be perfect for you. Discuss the condition with him. This is the same model Bass I first owned shortly after I started playing.
    Or click it here;
  5. Troy, if $1K is all you can manage at this time, you're going to be stuck with a low end laminated bass like an Englehardt or Kay. Unless you get real lucky. Absolutely nothing wrong with this....I would suggest renting a bass for a few months to really find out what it's like!
    Spots is pretty much right on with his suggestions.
  6. thanks for the advice i have learned so much since i posted i have realized that i will have to step up from 1K, but im still learning the ins and outs of buying a bass, the more suggestions i get the better the experience will be thanks to all for your help.