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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by leakepeter, May 1, 2009.

  1. leakepeter


    Apr 28, 2009
    Hi my name is pedro bandeira and i live in london i have been playing bass for 3 years now and i am going to college this year and i want some advice because i want to do somethings before i go to college.

    I not the best bass player ever but for now im learning and doing the best i can, i mastered some things but i still have much to learn lol, i used to play in a church and i already had the honor of playing with three time latin grammy award winner aline barros.

    The first thing i need help on is equipment at this moment i have very crappy equipment and i have been saving up for a long time to buy equipment to make a home studio to give me a head start in the music world, this is my list of things that i will buy in the next 4 months and i want to know if there is anything that i could add

    fender jazz bass

    musicman stingray

    boss gt10b with volume pedal

    a cheap acoustic bass like a ashdown

    a fender fretless bass

    a electric double bass

    leather strap


    a fender squire guitar

    a midi keyboard probably a yamaha kx49 or kx61

    a midi interface

    studio headphones

    good sound system

    a imac 24inch

    platinum leads

    a macbook for college

    acoustic guitar

    a multi effects pedal for my future fender squire

    tell me if im forgetting anything important aswell kk

    the next part is because im very newbish is what programs are good to get for a home studio and for someone who wants to make music and develop their skills with music tech and etc.

    Websites that can help me learn guitar and keyboard better will be good aswell i want to learn those two so that i can make some cool tracks lol, and its obrigational in my college.

    and the last request is i practice about 6 hours a day or more and i want some advice what are good things to practice to become better and better, and i mean anything that i can practice be it slap tap any style, and i also have a question about slap is it wrong to slap with my hands open??? and if yes then why do some pro bass players do it??

    well thats about it guys i hope you guys can help me with these questions because im gonna start doing music college now and i feel hopeless sometimes as if im gonna fail, but i know that with good advice from awesome people i can make it i guess

    well any other advice you guys can give me will be highly appreciated.

    one last question is when i learn music theory should i learn just bass clef or should i learn treble clef??
    lol i ask to many questions.

    i also forgot to ask earlier if a mixer is necessary or should i just plug it in straight into the midi interface and edit the sound with guitar rig and pedals and etc.
  2. caillean


    Mar 2, 2008
    east anglia
    I wouldn't touch an electric double bass, but, that's purely personal opinion. It's pretty easy to mic them up, or get a pick up for them when you need to. If you are getting a double bass - why would you need an accoustic bass guitar?

    I'm a little confused, if you're going to music college and haven't done any music theory, what sort of college are you going to? I would learn all the clefs if I was you - for sure, you'll need bass clef for the basses, but, without a full understanding of what everyone else, you will miss out badly! If I was you, I would get the Grade 5 Theory book and learn it - you don't NEED it, but, it sure does help to know how music works!

    You don't have to go the high end basses - there's some really good ones cheaper too - same with the strap - there's some really strong ones on the market that are just as good!

    Why are you planning on the two macs? Get a good laptop, and it will work both, as well as running garageband, and any other music editing programme you want. If necessary, you can up the memory, but, don't forget, macs run more programmes on less memory than PC coz they haven't got the same size operating system.

    If I was you, some of the things on your list - I would wait 'til you get to college and see what's recommended by them and what they lean towards - otherwise you might find yourself having to get a whole new load!

    Spend the summer out in the garden with a simple bass guitar and a theory book!!!

    Oh yeah - sure you can make it - it'll be hard work, but, if it's what you really really want - you'll do it! Good luck
  3. One Drop

    One Drop

    Oct 10, 2004
    Swiss Alps
    If you're going to college you might also want to pick up a box or two of assorted commas and periods, they might come in handy...
  4. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Seems overly ambitious to me. I'd start trimming back on all those instruments. I know, it would be cool to "have it all", but it doesn't seem like it's really all that well planned out. Maybe take a step back, and consider what you might actually need.

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