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    Jun 3, 2001
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    hey there.

    im trying to learn a song by mudvayne to play as a cover for my practise band.

    The main riff, goes like this...


    I know thats not that hard, but im having a lil trouble on the first hammer-on (1h3) i get a really annoying fret buzz.

    Could you please tell me why im getting this fret buzz, am i doing my hammer-on's wrong? or does my bass need some work done on it?

    thanx, jase
  2. Bruce Lindfield

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    Well if you really are tuned down to C then I'm not surprised at all!! Most basses just weren't meant for this - but you may need some work done on the nut slots, from the problem you describe.

    Of course the tab tells me nothing about how fast this has to be played :rolleyes: but I would have thought that this is a setup/de-tuning problem rather than technique, as it doesn't look like it should be difficult in any way.
  3. Detuning
    You might as well be playing a baby rattle
  4. Try a thicker gauge for your lower string. Billy Sheehan strings by Snarly Dog are designed for your very situation. You might need to raise the bridge somewhat too.
    For the hammer-on: make sure your finger presses the string right behind the fret; that may be part of the problem.;)
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    Agreeing with Ramirez on this one. When my last band tuned down that low, we all went to heavier guage strings. Let me warn you, however, that has a price, too. You need really strong fingers to play those heavy guage strings. It can get tiring.

    I can't prove it, but I suspect the heavier guage strings speed up fretwear. The frets take a beating because the thicker strings have more friction and abrade against more of the fret surface. If your particular bass has softer, thinner, more delicate frets than some basses, you may soon notice some frets wearing down.

    Bands like Sepultura, Korn and MudVayne who detune have bass techs who can do those repairs and adjustments regularly, change strings every show and the bassists have more than one bass.

    Also, I went through picks like crazy. I used the heaviest guage Gator Grips, but they seldom lasted more than an hour of playing because those heavy guage strings eat up picks.

    I also agree with the advice to be sure to fret as near the fret as possible. Also, be careful how fast you lift your finger before doing your hammer-on.

    Lastly, if you are still getting significant buzz, you may need to tweek your setup, because basses aren't set up for deep de-tuning when they are set up for sale in the store.

    Just an editorial comment: While I love the heavy detuned sound, it is a bear to play and a bear to keep your band's guitars and bass in shape for that deep detuning.

    Frankly, after that band broke up, I was GLAD to get back to standard tuning or simply tuning down just a half-step.