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    Jul 17, 2003
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    I pretty interested in buying a G&L american L-2000 but i cant find the prices for certain thing:

    Flame maple tops.
    Birds eye maple neck with birds eye maple fretboard.

    And there is also a thing I dont understand (im not american or english, i am a guy who's self-thought inglish)

    """Guitars ordered with gold hardware MAY NOT:
    * change tuning machines from standard
    * change bridge from standard
    * have any other change to hard (metal) parts"""

    Does this means that if I order a gold harware bass i would get the same standard tuning machines, the same bridge and the same knobs and switches but in gold????
  2. Get a hold of these guys......

    Buffalo Bros

    also try this link......

    G&L Forum

    The president of the company shows up from time to time, also buffalo bros..

    I have never ordered one with gold hardware so no idea.