Need help with wiring DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups for series/parallel

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  1. Hey everyone. I'm sure this is a relatively common topic, and I've searched around the boards first for answers but couldn't manage to find what I was looking for. I recently got a pair of DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups for my passive MIM Jazz bass. As many of you know each pick up has four wires coming from it because of the split coils in each pickup. A lot of the diagrams I have found show "dual sound" wiring which I basically perceived to be series/parallel switching but these diagrams have push pull pots for both pickups and occasionally a push/pull on the tone as well.

    My question is this. I want to find out how to wire these pickups as if they were normal regular single coils with two leads per pickup with series/parallel switching via a push/pull pot. I cannot find a diagram for this anywhere. I am not trying to run series/parallel within each pickup internally. I'm not sure what to do with the extra leads from the DiMarzio's. I just want one setting to be series between the two pickups and the other setting to be parallel between the pick ups. Is it possible to wire it this way? Is it redundant? Should I just use two push/pull pots and avoid all this confusion? Or should I just say forget the series/parallel switching and just wire it with regular pots...hmm.. sorry for all the questions guys! My mind has been getting a little haywire from the past few days reading through pages and pages about this subject :bag:

    Thanks for all of your help! Diagrams are especially welcomed, but a good ol' explanation would be just fine too :D
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    Look at DiMarzio's installation guide for the Ultra Jazz, at

    The standard wiring for the Ultra Jazz is to have the coils in series, which (per the installation guide) means the red wire is the "hot" wire, the green wire is the "ground" wire, and the black and white wires get wired together.

    That's all the wiring you need to do with the pickups themselves. The wire both pickups to the controls with a switch to put them in series or parallel with each other, look at this diagram for doing that from Best Bass Gear:

    The only difference is, the BBG diagram assumes that the "hot" wire from the pickup is white, but on the Dimarzios it's red, and it assumes that the "ground" wire is black but on the Dimarzios it's green. So, when looking at the BBG diagram, substitute "red" for "white", and "green" for "black" when looking at the wires from the pickups.
  3. Thank you so much for clearing this up for me! I was mainly concerned about what I needed to do with the extra pickup wires, but if you are 100% certain then I will take your advice!