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  1. Hey,
    I am doing a speech for my english class on bass. I have 3 sub categories which are: History of the bass, playing styles/techniques, and The different types of basses(ie: acoustic/upright, electric, cello....).....But I need some more info, and more facts especially about history. If you can give me info you know is correct, or you have links to a factual or informative site, PLEASE give me help....(especially in the history of....)

  2. C'mon, someone has to know of some books magazine sor webpages I can get info from and use as sources....PLEASE
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    Mar 17, 2000
  4. I did a speech about bass playing for my speech class, I mainly winged it through cuz I brought my bass so every time I started losing my train of thought I just played something. 'Bout the most I can tell you is Leo Fender invented it in 1951 and Larry Grahm invented Slap Bass and it was originally was supposed to be played with your thumb, that's why old ones have the little plastic bar under th g-string.