Need intellignet, well thought out suggestion on amp, getting back into bass

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  1. Bear with me this is a long one. I've taken a break from playing for a few years and would like to get some input on what type of amp to start out with. I'll tell you what I had and what I liked about it and my price range (not set in stone), you tell me some options and thoughts. Because of new baby, moving from house to townhouse that shared a wall, having to drop out the band, space constraints, and budget constraints, I didn't have many options other than to sell everything. Lost my rear end on alot of quality stuff, Warrior Studio 5, 90's Warwick Streamer LX 5,and a MTD Saratoga are the ones that hurt the most :crying: , and a few other pieces that were more of sentimental value than cash value. I moved over to playing drums for a while, but that's dead now, bass is where I want to be. I did manage to keep my '91 FJB Plus 4 string (the model that had the kubicki electronics and lase sensor pickups) just incase I came back to my senses. So that's what I have to work with for now, and thats it. Oh yeah, and my tuner, a new set of strings, and a few cables.

    I'm not jumping right back into a band situation where I need something to fill a large room, but would like to get something for around the house and something that will be loud enough to play in a jam session situation with a drummer and guitars.

    Rigs I've had in the past:
    1. 70's Ampeg V6B 240 watt solid state going into Ampeg 2x15 (the one that had the speakers firing in 180° opposite directions). Funny thing though, because the speakers fired in opposite directions, with one speaker toward front of house and the other towards the drummer, it had a tendency to set off his triggers, LOL!
    PROS/CONS: I loved the classic Ampeg tone and HUGE bottom end of the 15's. I didn't like it around the house b/c even at quiet volumes, it shook the pictures on the walls.

    2. SWR Super Redhead. The 2x10's packed alot of punch for it's size. I liked the tightness of the 10's, but missed the bottom end of the 15, so I added a big bertha 15". Not, bad setup liked the swr sound, but I missed the ampeg tone, so I added a Ampeg preamp, ran my bass into the swr input and the ampeg, then using the effects blend knob to switch tones or blend.
    PROS/CONS: Very versitile, nothing bad to say.

    I dont have unlimited cash, just a starting thought to spend 5-600, but I'm not afraid of used but not abused. I'm not looking for something big and loud to gig with, if I get to that point again, I'll buy something more appropriate at that time, long as it's after march. More play money will be freed up then when the car is paid off.

    Other things to take into consideration . . .

    I haven't determined what type of music I want to get into. I'm now in my early 30's and won't be into grunge or punk. Leaning towards funk, maybe southern rock, classic rock, newer rock, pop, dance maybe (I'm over 30 but not too dead to not like to watch the girlies dancing to my grooves :p ).

    Right now I have a DJ service and am in need of a amp for my subs, so if I went with a pre amp / power amp setup, it wouldn't hurt as bad taking the cash out of the bank. If I went this route I'd be leaning towards QSC, what pre-amps and speaker cabs would you recommend? I've read good things about the BBE, Tech21 anyone use these, if so what do you thing about them?

    I wouldn't mind going with a smaller inexpensive unit for now just so I can start hearing myself play again. A big Plus of buying something cheaper is that I could get my hands on that Moses graphite neck I've had an eye on. Anyone have experience with the Hartke, Behringer, or Kustom units?

    Wouldn't mind hearing especially about Kustom, as I wouldn't mind supporting a local company. Another tone I've developed a fondness for is the Mesa stuff. I was out a few months ago and heard another tone I thought sounded good. It was a Warwick Streamer played through a Peavey amp and cab.

    Thanks for any recommendations or insight you can provide, and I'm open to any suggestions, not afraid to think outside the box.