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  1. Ok, first off, I would like to say im a beginner, and quite inexperienced with equipment. I can however play pretty damn good, so take it easy :) Anyways, I have a smaller practice amp that ive been using, just for at home. I go to other people's houses and they have much larger amps. So i have experienced the improved sound. My question is, what is all this i hear about cabinets and heads and stuff like that? I know that they had a fairly large amp on the bottom, and i guess what would be called the "head" on top. But what does all this do, and if u have a larger amp, do u need a head? Im quite confused while reading these threads. Please give input.
  2. The thing on the bottom, with the speakers, is the CABINET. It is simply a plywood box with speakers in it. It cannot, I repeat CANNOT make sound on its own. It needs a:

    The thing on top is the HEAD or AMPLIFIER. This is what produces the power, loudness, and sound itself. It needs speakers or a CABINET to run through to make sound.

    Hope this helps. There's probably someone here who can explain better.
  3. Also, HEADS and CABINETS are rated in WATTS. This is simply a measure of how much power a HEAD can produce or how much power a CABINET can safely manage.
  4. Thanks for the help..thats basically what i thought it all was, but reading all these threads starts to confuse you..:D But, isnt it true that you can get combo amps? Head and amp built in together? Which is cheaper? To get a combo or seperate? Also, which in your opinion would be more worth the money or produce the best sound?