Need measurements on a wide 6 string

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  1. I am building a 6er with 19mm spacing. If anyone can verify/provide the nut measurement at 2.12" and neck width at 22 or 24 fret would be fine. I have 3.5" at 24. String total width at nut would help too.

    Summary: nut width and string total width at nut and neck width at last fret on a 19mm 6 string.

    Thanks all.
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    My Tune TWB63 six stringer is 2.312(58.7248mm)at the nut.
    3.125(79.375 mm) at the 24th fret(less).
    And .750(19mm)space btween the strings.
    3.500 width at the bridge.
    (From the B to the C string)

    Spacing of the nut slots is 1.9375(49.2125mm)
    3.500(88.9mm)at the 24th fret(less)
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