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Need new amp and maybe a cab

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ShantiCat, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. My choices are a Aguilar db750 or a Thunderfunk 550. I think one of these should fill my needs and that is to get a more old school classic rock/metal sound.

    What I own is quite different from what I am looking for. I have a euphonics audio iAMP combo 350. Since I joined this new band, I needed more volume and bottom end so I bought an Aguilar 115 but it is not a good pairing with the EA. Between the 10 in the combo and the boomy 15 from the aggie there seems to be a real gap. I tried the 115 on it's own and although it can boom on the low end it lacked some of the higher definition I am used to with the EA. So I have a dilemma, do I just set aside the EA and get a new head and then another cabinet to bring out the mids? Or should I build on the EA with a different cabinet hoping that 350 watts is enough? Experience would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Any one? TIA
  3. Have you tried to EQ the mids in? From what I hear, The EA has a pretty powerful EQ on it. With some time with the EQ, you should be able to coax sme mids out of that 10. Try cutting the lows a bit and then boost the volume a bit to give more percieved mids and highs.
  4. Thanks DMB, you are right the EA does have a powerful tone shaping capability and I will experiment more. I guess I was also really wondering about a 1X10 coupled with a 1X15. You never really see this, most times I see at 4X10 or so sitting on the 1X15. Or from other posts I see a lot of 2x12 paired with 2X10.