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  1. Slowgypsy

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    Dec 12, 2006
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    For several years I've used my Tascam MP-BT1 bass trainer. Great device. Unfortunately it's just bit the dust. Looking for something to replace it. I've read the review on the newer Tascam GB-10 and that would certainly work.

    My question... is there something I can get for my iPhone? Some accessory/app that lets me plug my bass and headphones into my iPhone and play against recorded material?

  2. Slowgypsy

    Slowgypsy 4 Fretless Strings

    Dec 12, 2006
    NY & MA
    For other folks looking for something similar, last night I found my old Pocket Rockit headphone amp. It plugs into my bass and has a line in (iPhone) and a line out (headphones). I'm able to mix the two signals just fine. Works perfectly for my needs.
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    There are many things available but they are also used for other things. The Tascam is a dedicated music player and rehearsal unit, its function is to play, record and let you play along with what you put on it.

    It is small enough to put in your pocket and listen to music you want to work on, so see it as an MP3player, it is also small enough to put on your strap and walk about practicing via headphones or are not tied to sitting down. And of course it fits in a gig bag or case so again you can practice where you want when you want.

    Yes finding apps for phones is a good use, but do not see it as the main use. Phones run many apps and in using your power to play you may find you have no power left to use it as a phone never mind a practice device. :)

    Look look at Irig for Apple devices, i use it with garage band and it is cool.


    Jan 21, 2012
    I use my TASCAM GB all the time. It's a great device. I can load the SD card up with whatever, and practice without bothering anyone . I'd suggest it to anyone. It has alot of other features that you would use too. Its a great tool
  5. LeeNunn

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    Oct 9, 2012
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    The GB-10 is a good choice, especially if you need portability. If you're at home with a computer, I recommend Transcribe software by Seventh String. It's cheaper if you already own a computer, and it has more capabilities. Amazing Slow Downer is also popular.

    All these allow you to loop and slow down, among other features. Beats the hell out of what we had in the 1970's (LPs). I remember thinking "Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to loop and slow down? Those notes are going by too fast for me to figure them out!"
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    Jan 21, 2012
    I'll very much agree wholeheartedly with you, LeeNunn, I ruined a lot of 45's by trying to use that stylist to get it perfect onto the part I wanted to learn and replay , yet give me time to return to a upright position and set the needle just that little extra ahead of the part ,I wanted.
    I learned very quick about how not to do this with my Albums, cause I could scratch a 45 and not be out much vs the leaving that dreaded bad spot in a LP.
    Then when cassettes came out ,I was able to record the part and work two hours trying to lay down a loop, Which made it actually more distorted and harder to hear.
    I asked my son ,after he had been playing on my iPad and after me showing him about GarageBand. So I asked him to at least get the app for his iPad. With a Fathers Prayer and Wishes, that he might find what he's looking for and really pick a instrument ,like I've dreamed about him doing.
    He's 13 fixing to become 14 in a few months. So I've always told him about how a kids mind can grasp things so much better and how it will,be worth it. How 15 minutes at his age ,a day of practice would be like 8 hours when he got to,be my age. ( I know , I poured it on pretty thick then with my ratio ).
    He is the valedictorian of junior high ,which he will graduate from this spring , so he can do and learn anything, so easily it's ridiculous. And loves to learn things just to be learning things.
    So I've always tasked him with the goal of being able to play 3 songs, in full ,on any instrument ,by the time he was out of junior high. But I'll give him some latitude on the how much of a 14 year old to be in that equation.

    But my main. Drift was , I told him I would've killed ,and couldn't have even dreamed of all the things that are out there ,nowadays , in which to learn music with. I said I'd buy him whatever he wants , afterwards if he wishes to pursue it, after the learning of three full songs .
    I have had the Tascam GB-10 for years now and he's seen me use it everywhere , walking around outside ,with it in my pockets and playing along to everything. I've shown him all the little things it can do, of course he likes the pitch changing and speed changes. But this was prior to him getting a iPad .

    But to any other young,old, in between. The Tascam trainer is a handy thing. I don't have to take my bass off when I need to go outside to holler for the dogs to come in , I just walk down the sidewalk ,at home and set outside on top of the picnic table with it stuck into my front pocket and end up maybe staying outside another hour or two, until the bugs have their way with me. Now that I picked up a IRig , it's helped to do a little more if I wish.

    So my kids have always had music in their lives ,I just can't seem to seem to get them to latch on to anything.
    Not what my intent was ,but if any have any suggestions ,please feel free to give me your ideas .
    Maybe the garbageband app will suck him into the idea more ,but I see where it might just make him continue to noodle around with the voice settings and recording ,then make cat noises with it all.
    So any ideas would be appreciated
  7. freatles


    Jan 9, 2014
    I use my cheapo android phone for recording my practice. It has ok sound quality.

    I've gotten as lazy as to just play something off youtube and practice on top, headphone-out into my amp aux-in.

    My understanding is Iphone has very nice nice mic/recording quality.

    Using an USB "class compliant" -audio-interface, any device with USB should be able to record using a mic, enables extreme fidelity. Same for midi.

    Yep, just grab a recording/audio editing app, metronome app, done (may also need audio mixer -app to select input).
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