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  1. Right now I am just using a peavy basic 112 amp, and want to upgrade, can't keep up with guitars with decent setups. Was looking at getting a head and a cab to start, and wanted some more experienced advice. My band plays a kind of alternative hard rock type styling, but I am a fan of all music, and like to be able to play basicly everythign from funk to rock. Was looking at either a Gallein Krueger, Ampeg, mesa, or (insert what you suggest if not those here). Thnx a bunch! And I am working a sick amount this summer, and once I pay for school, the rest is open for a setup, so price isn't a huge deal, but not a super expensive one which I do not need. Just one which can keep up to larger guitar amps, and work for outdoors and playing in bars and schools and stuff like that.
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    Oct 8, 2001
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    Need a new rig - me too :p

    of the ones you mentioned I only have a GK - a Bckline 250 BL. G-Ks have nice tones, but i (strongly) recommend to get something a bit bigger than that, which can handle 4 ohms, too (mine only handles 8). and if you are playing in an alternative hard-rock ban, you might also check out a tube head. try as many amps as you can - I couldnt, so thats why i cant help you much
  3. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
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    pre = tech21 RBI $300
    amp = Yamaha cp2000 $400
    big gig cab = Aguilar GS410 $865
    small gig cab = aguilar GS112 $400 or 2?

    I own an RBI and love it, heard good things about aguilar gs112 I assume 410 is good. have a friend who swears by the yamaha.

    I think that setup would be WELL WORTH the price for a long time! or maybe substitute the RBI/yam for a Tech21 Landmark 600!! better tone shaping, but 600 into 4ohm
  4. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
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    get a gk 1001 head, and an avatar 410. thye are workhorse and nearly indestructible maps. and the Avatar cabs are great. If you want some more depth, add and avatar 15. Or you could go with one of Fender's tube heads. Or you could go the hybrid bassman 1200. it will do 1200 watts down to 2 Ohms. Very sweet sounding amp!
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    Oct 26, 2002
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    i just went through the whole upgrade phase as you are doing. If you don't wanna blow the bank, ampeg makes a swweeeettt 200w combo for 700$. I played it at guitar center. I comes with 2 10" speakers and is the nastiest lookin combo around....and it sounds like a gorgeous blonde