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Need opnions on ARIA STB-PB

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by liquid-dream-ex, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. I need a new P-Bass copy, my SX got "multiplied" (smashed on stage" and i can't get hol dof another sx in germany/austria.

    So, i either import one from Rondo, or get anohter one. I came across an Aria (in an online store) and it looks decent.

    Has anyone ever played one? Are they any good?
  2. 8 hours before i pull the trigger.. hold me back if you must.
  3. I think you can pull the trigger without too much regret. The Aria's I tried were very good. Sturdy with a consistent tone. Maybe not the best P-bass sound I've ever heard, but it certainly wasn't the dull thud laminated sound I hear from Squiers and such.

    It's hard to find good P-bass copies for cheap anymore isn't it?
  4. I built and wired a pbass with parts from ebay for about 260 bucks us. Creme Dimarzio p pups with adjustable pole pieces, Maple/Maple mighty mite p neck, nameless black tuners and bridge, knobs, black neckplate and screws, alder creme painted body prerouted, pearloid pickguard. I had to chisel the neck pocket a bit on the treble side to fit the wide heel of the p style neck i bought, and drill holes for the neck, pickguard, tuners, bridge, and solder the simple p electronics. It wasn't the easiest, but it is definitely the best sounding p bass I've played in a long while, especially considering it and fender case and flatwounds were cheaper than a MIM fender. The fretwork on the mighty mite neck is outstanding, and even though the bridge and tuning machines are generic, they work just fine, and stay in tune over hours and hours. I think it sounds better than the mia pbasses i've tried at my local music store, but I'm prejudiced. Anyways, good luck.
  5. Well, for those of us without the skill or ingenuity to build our own................we're screwed :D
  6. It is more like haphazard recklessnes and a willingness to learn. :) I hadn't used a chisel for sculpting wood since my senior year of high school in wood shop for carving cabinet facing. Good luck though. If I would've made a mistake, things may have turned out much different. I just wish I had pics, she looks swwweeet. :hyper:
  7. I bought it, for 113... gonna buy a Pickguard and some more small things for 50€.

    Hopefull yit's not complete crap.