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Need refretting?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by SnakeAnthony, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. OK, so last weekend I was having some problems with fretbuzz on just one fret, the 9th fret on G. So I took it into my local store, hoping it was just a matter of needing a new setup. So he sat around for 30 minutes messing with the setup on all of my strings, not just G, and the trussrod. after while he called me over and said I needed to refret my bass. He said there was nothing he could do about that buzz, so I needed to pay 75 bucks to get ALL of the frets recrowned. I looked at the fret where it was buzzing and I can't see a damn thing as far as wear (but the bass was made in 2001, and was preowned when I got it). And now when I play it, theres buzz all over the neck, which really pissed me off. Is this dude an ******* thats trying to scam me for something thats not nessicary, or should I go ahead and do it, even though I cant see any wear at all?
  2. get a 2nd opinion from another local shop. IMO it would be hard to tell without seeing the bass.
  3. I once had a keyboard that was playing up, the OS on it was a bit screwy I think. It would crash at random moments and I was worried it would crash in the middle of a gig or something.

    I brought it in to the accredited repair centre (the only one around in this region) and explained the problem to them. They asked me to leave the keyboard with them and come back in a week. I went back after a week, it looked fine so I paid them $75 and took the keyboard back home. A couple of days later the keyboard crashed again. I took it back to the factory and complained, one of the other keyboard techs spent some time with me that afternoon and we pinned the problem down and he showed me how to fix it if it comes up again. So I took it home.

    It wasn't until later when I realised the first keyboard tech guy screwed me for $75. All he did was open the keyboard, ran a test program, dusted the keys, and charged me $75 for the 'service'. He must've spent a grand total of 10mins on my keyboard and didn't even address any of the issues I brought it in for. This is one of those things where if I had known back then, I would've gone back and collected my hard-earned $75 for the job not done.

    .../rant over.
  4. See, the thing is, I only have two local shops, Kentucky Music and Musicains Pro. I trust the guys at KY music (but I don't know the guy who looked over mine very well), but the dudes at Musicians Pro are comlete idiots, and they over charge. (I once took my Stratocaster, when I played guitar, in for a new setup, the guy looked at it for like 10 minutes, not doing anything, then finally told me he didnt know how to do it. Thats sad). So its a one shop kinda thing here, and the closet places are in Nashville, TN (an hour away), and Louisville, KY (an hour and a half away). So should I just go through with it and have someone I trust do it, then have a complete set up done? Thats what I think I'll do, but I just wanted some opinions so I dont waste 75$
  5. Whydon't you take it back another time when those other guys you trust at KY music are around?
  6. Surely there must be someone who does good quality guitar work in Nashville...????

    Louisville is good for horses and baseball bats, and Bowling Green is good for Corvettes, but for music, isn't Nashville the place to be?

    I blew a head gasket once in Bowling Green...drove it all the way to Houston before I had it fixed....(wouldn't do that again, but then, I don't own a car in America anymore, either)
  7. Wow man, you know your stuff about Kentucky. I take it you were born somewhere around here and now live in austrailia? :) Well, of couse there's nashville, but I dont have a car, so I'd need to catch a ride down there, and I only get one of those every few months or so. I plan on taking my bass back to KY and asking the bass tech, Paul, what he thinks. If he thinks I need it, then I may let him to it, or I may wait for a ride down to Nashville and get it done there. I'll see....