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Need scans from old guitar/bass magazines

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dlloyd, May 26, 2004.

  1. dlloyd

    dlloyd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Apr 21, 2004
    I'm looking for scans of reviews or news articles of any Trace Elliot equipment published in guitar and bass magazines through the 1980s to when Gibson shut down production in late 2001. Chances are I had most of these, but I lost all my magazines in a fire some years ago.

    Please email anything you can to *****

    I'm interested in anything from any magazine, but here's a list of articles from Bass Player that I'd be interested in:

    Fall '90
    Product Profile, p. 59. "Trace Elliot Quatra Valve"

    July/Aug '91
    New Gear, p. 19-20. "New Gear"

    Sept/Oct '91
    New Gear, p. 17-19. "New Gear"

    Sept '92
    New Gear, p. 19-20. "New Gear"

    Oct '92
    New Gear, p. 20-21. "New Gear"

    Jan/Feb '93
    New Gear, p. 21-22. "New Gear"

    Jan/Feb '93
    New Gear, p. 21-22. "New Gear"

    Jan/Feb '93
    Product Profile, p. 65-67. "Trace Elliot Concert System, AH600 head, 1048 cabinet, 1518 cabinet"

    May '93
    New Gear, p. 21-22. "New Gear"

    July/Aug '93
    Product Profile, p. 51-61. "The Good, The Bad, and The Loud: Ten Combo Amps Under $1,000"

    March '94
    New Gear, p. 21-22. "New Gear"

    March '94
    Product Profile, p. 66-68. "Trace Elliot SMX Dual Compressor Pedal"

    April '94
    New Gear, p. 23-24. "New Gear"

    Jul/Aug '94
    Product Profile, p. 52-53. "Trace Elliot AH350SM"

    Dec '94
    New Gear, p. 23. "New Gear"

    Jan/Feb '95
    Feature, p. 48-61. ""The Tone Zone: 20 Preamps Under $1,000""

    March '95
    New Gear, p. 23-24. "New Gear"

    July/Aug '95
    Bass Notes, p. 11. "Frankfurt '95: World Wide Wood"

    Jan '96
    New Gear, p. 29-30. "New Gear"

    Jan '96
    Product Profile, p. 61-62. "Trace Elliot V-Type Head & Cabinets"

    March '96
    Feature, p. 42-48. "All Wound Up: The Controversial World Of String Design"

    November '96
    Product Profile, p. 65-66. "Trace Elliot Commando Combos"

    February '97
    Product Profile, p. 77. "Trace Elliot Quad Chorus Pedal"

    May '98
    Feature, p. 54-70. "NAMM Sandwich"

    July '99
    New Gear, p. 30. "New Gear"

    July '99
    Feature, p. 46-62. "Combo Mambo: 19 Combo Amps Under $1,000 Step Up For A Shootout"

    October '99
    New Gear, p. 26-27. "New Gear"

    January '00
    Feature, p. 28-41. "100 Years & Counting: The Players Who Shaped 20th Century Bass: A decade by decade sampling of major contributors to the musicians and inventors"