Need some advice on a lakland 4-94!!

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  1. Well i currently own a stingray and was saving up to buy an old fender jazz bass.. but someone asked me if i wanted to trade my stingray + $1000 with his lakland 4-94 deluxe. Considering that i live in Korea where pretty much all high-end basses are really overpriced, (and i mean REALLY overpriced) this is a REALLY good deal in terms of money..

    what i'm wondering is..can i really expect the lakland to have the stingray growl + the unmistakable fender jazz tone? i've read some reviews and there were some mixed opinions on this.. I know i can't expect the lakland to reproduce the EXACT same tone but how close does it get?

    I know i should play a few laklands and see for myself but I can't seem to find any stores in Korea that has them in stock. So i wanted to hear your thoughts..

    should i let this deal pass and just buy a fender jazz?
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    IF that's the going rate for a used 4-94 in Korea then I would go for it. My main axe is a 4-94 and it's the most versatile bass I've ever owned. It's the closest thing to owning a P bass,J bass,and Stingray without having to buy all three. In fact, I prefer the Stingray sound of the Lakland to a real Stingray. Gee...I guess some may think that's like prefering a digitally enhanced version of the Mona Lisa to the real thing but I just think it sounds better.
  3. thx for the reply

    what does everybody else think? I've been saving money for.. well forever, and have around $1300 saved up...

    my options are
    1. buy a 78' jazz.
    2. trade my stingray + around $1000 for a lakland 4-94
    3. i'm also considering to buy another stingray w/piezo pups in which case i'll sell my old stingray leaving me some money for pedals and/or an amp.

    basically i need a sound that can complement my stingray.. i love my ray, and i wouldn't want to part with it but if i can get the similar growl in a lakland, then i'd be able to carry just one bass to my gigs.. which is a big plus.

    I know I'm in no situation to complain but this kind of stuff always gets me aggravated.. ;)