Need some advice...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by freebeer, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. I use a Thunderfunk as my main head and I have an SVTIII Pro as my backup. THe SVTIII just went down for the second time. THe first time the transformer blew up on it but this is how I bought it, so who knows if the guy was doing something crazy with it to smoke it. Got that fixed. Now I fried it pretty hard by plugging it into an outlet at a gig I dig not check with a tester first and the thing literally blew up. The repair guy tells me I am looking at $200 just to 'hopefully' get it working again, maybe more. Is it worth it to drop that money into the older style SVTIII Pro since it's just a backup or should I just get a different backup head (I was thinking a GK 800 or 1001, another SVTIII, etc.)?

    On a side note, I did like the SVTIII but I am just concerned about dropping more money into a head that may never be as good as new again. THoughts?
  2. interesting situation. Personally I don't like to let things nickle and dime. You could sell it, before or after the repair.... depending on where you think you can get more $$ outta it. I just have to say that you need to tell the buy the situation.... not just say "sold as is" Honesty is key.

    I dont know whast wrong with it, I'm not an electrically informed guy.... take it for a second oppinion maybe?