Need some facts: Compatibility of Eastwood Hi-Flyers with Univox Hi-Flyers

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  1. Hey all,

    This has been asked in the past, but the responses have been resoundingly muddy. :(

    I have a Univox Hi-Flyer with dead pickups. I would like to replace them with the Eastwood Hi-Flyer pickups.

    I think the issue is that there have been a number of different Univox versions of the Hi-Flyer throughout the years. Mine, specifically, is a Phase 3.

    Has anyone done this swap before? Could someone with an Eastwood provide me with some measurements, please?

    I did contact Eastwood directly... and they had no clue. :/

    Thanks! :bassist:
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    I've tried some Univox-specific forums, and i still haven't gotten any answers one way or another :confused:
  4. I cannot believe no one here has anything to contribute to this topic . I friend has an Aria (Motsumoku ) Hi Flyer short scale and he 's wondering the same options as well .
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    I know nothing about either bass, but you can get dead pickups fixed. A lot of places do it. I used Vintage Vibe Guitars in Cali to fix the pickups in my Realistic violin bass and they rocked.
  6. I wasn't even aware that this was an option.

    I'll look into this. I'd love to get the original pickups back in working order!