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Need some GK help.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bryan bailey, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. I'm putting together (in my mind) a new rig.

    And for some reason, I randomly thought of GK. I have played a couple of these, and I know they are loud, clean, and durable.

    I am a fan of a very articlulate deep bottom, very punchy mids, and clean not clanky highs. With the addition of a sansamp RBI, would I be able to get all the clean hi fi tones I want, and then some vintage dirtier ones?

    I primarily set my amp(s) flat, and I must know how these sound flat.

    As I play this out in my head, it seems like I will be going with either an Ampeg head (svt3 or my V6-B if it ever gets fixed) and some cab.

    I was looking at the 700RB-II and that looked rather nice. Comments on these amps. And if the GK RBI combo could reproduce the Ampeg tone.

    [I'm still completely out of the blue on cabs, but I have the peg bse410hlf, and if so I could still use it, but I intend on getting a lighter just as loud cab.]
  2. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    GK's don't growl like Ampegs, they have their own difinitive growl. I own one of each for this reason. They're both solid state, but my BA115 gives me that Ampeg sound that I can't get with the GK.

    I swear by GK, would own a dozen if I can afford it. That's where my heart is, I just have the Ampeg out of necessity, and a deal I couldn't pass up :oops:)
  3. This is why I added the RBI the GK. Would the two make Ampeg tone?

    :rollno: :ninja:
  4. Something to notice about GK tone, basically there is none.

    Running a GK flat will really bring out the instrument without really colouring it in any way allowing your bass really to come though, this can be a good or a bad thing depending on what your gear is.

    Myself im currently running a GK400-210 combo with Boss ME-50B. with Spector & Ibanez basses.

    Clean as clean can get basically, and when i need to dirty it up a little.. i kick in the boss, which has a nifty effect called Bass Driver.. To me it sounds kinda similiar to the Sansamp DI.
    (however i dont have much experience with the Sansamp, so its not fair for me to comment on that)

    FYI - Im saving at the moment for a GK-1001 + an Ampeg pre.

    Cab wise I would STRONGLY recommend pairing Eden Cabs with GK Heads, to me. They sound perfect together..

    Anywhoo thats what i think, good luck with your search, and drop me a line if you have any other q's
  5. Frank Martin

    Frank Martin Bitten by the luthiery bug...

    Oct 8, 2001
    Budapest, Hungary, EU
    If you plug your bass into the RBI and that into the "Effects Return" of the GK, then you will get that tone. This way you bypass the GK' preamp section, and only get the RBI amplified. i'm doing this with my GK and Ampeg SVP-BSP untill my power-amp arrives.
    But if you want to switch back to the GK, you would have to plug your bass into the GK and pull the "Fx return" out. It will not function if the chain is not complete, so you cant leave the RBI plugged in.

    But this is what i intend to do in a couple of years, when I get the rig together:
    have both the GK 2001RBP and the Ampeg SVP-BSP or SVP-Pro with a footswitch-kinda thing and they both go into a power-amp :D
    Should be the ultimate tone-machine setup! :D
  6. birdsg


    Dec 18, 2003
    Birmingham England
    +1 to this.

    Also, I use a Mesa Boogie 1516 cab with my GK-700 and it sounds great.

  7. Frank Martin

    Frank Martin Bitten by the luthiery bug...

    Oct 8, 2001
    Budapest, Hungary, EU
    I dont agree 100% on that. Even though it sounds quite uncoloured and like the natural tone of your bass, it still adds a bit clean low-end growl and a bit in the highs to get a bit clearer/hi-fi compared to the sound if you plug it straight into the power-amp
  8. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    GK and Ampeg amps have two completely different tones. GK heads are loud and clear (very articulate) while Ampeg heads are loud and can sound overdriven when turned up, which may be great for rock but bad for other types of music. everytime I go into a studio I alway's try the Ampeg first (for sh*ts and giggles) but alway's come away disappointed and end up using something else, probably a GK if one is around. Ymmv

  9. I have a Geddy Jazz, and a MM clone (TBC). And I have spent a lot of frustration finding the same tone as my basses are telling me acoustically. I want to be able to have my instruments individual tone be able to come out.

    But I want the dirt that is in ampegs tone. And I have an Ampeg SVP pro, so I could get a footswitch or something to switch back and forth from clean and dirty.
  10. Okay, un update as what I am planning on doing.

    GK for clean, Ampeg SVP with it for the Ampeg gringy tone, and a sansamp for overdrive, and as the DI for gigs when in the PA.
  11. I agree with what you say, but the differrence with GK and other heads is that there are other EQ options that can alter your tone.

    I think the contour is responsible for the growl in your tone
    and the presense does seem to enhance the top end.

    But if you dont touch these two functions.. it does sound really neutral.
  12. Interesting.

    Okay, so here's how I'm seeing the layout.

    Bass - Sansamp BDDI - A/B/Y box - GK 700 (or 1001) RB
    `````````````````````````````-SVP(in effects loop of GK

    GK for clean. Sansamp for overdrive/distortion/svp for ampeg dirty tone.

    put in some lightweight 3 space rack, or bag thing.
  13. If you want a dirtier tone from the GK, crank the boost knob up all the way and make sure you're getting plenty of signal through the preamp. You'll need to turn the Master/Woofer control down to compensate. You can get plenty of growl without the sansamp if you know how to use the GK preamp.

    Regarding coloration, if you look at a GK amp on a scope and set all of the eq knobs to 12 oclock, it would have a bit of a hump between 1.5k and 4k. For a truly flat response, set the treble to around 10 oclock, the high mid to around 10 oclock, with the low mid and the bass to 12 oclock. To warm it up more, set the bass to 1 or 2 oclock.

    Since I work for GK, this might not mean that much to you, but I've been a bass player for 20 years and have had a chance to play through a lot of gear. The GK 1001RB-II is the most versatile amp in it's simplicity that I have ever played. I can get just about every kind of sound I would ever want with just a few adjustments. The trick with the GK amp, especially on the high frequencies, is it's better to cut than to boost. This approach also has the added benefit of reducing noise. The EQ sounds great even at extreme settings, so don't be afraid to mess with it.
  14. I just went to GC and hooked up a GK 1001 rb through an eden d210t.

    And I really liked how you could get a lot of smooth clean, and some more growly tones out of the amp. And MAN was theat sucker loud. That with my SVP and a sansamp will KILL small children.

    *in gas, not enough money.*