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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Brandon Swift, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Brandon Swift

    Brandon Swift

    Feb 20, 2020
    My father in law, who is a wicked guitar player, let me borrow his Digitech RP360 XP because he doesn’t really use it at all. He prefers the individual pedals. When I plug it and use the factory presets, most of them do not sound good at all. Many of them I can only get the D and G strings to pick up. The lower strings ( I play a 5’r) barely get expressed. Really the only ones I can use, besides the few named for bass, are the distortion presets. I wanted to use it to emulate some of the sound from RHCP.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this device really only geared towards guitars and I would need to pick something else like a Zoom B3n to get the multi effects for bass?
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    Even an entry level solution like a Zoom B1X Four will sound better and be a better fit for bass.
  3. Nighttrain1127

    Nighttrain1127 Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2004
    Near Worcester MA
    The RP series are guitar oriented and usually will not sound good on bass. The bass series are BP but those are not all that great.
  4. Brandon Swift

    Brandon Swift

    Feb 20, 2020
    Thanks everyone for the replies. That’s kinda what I was figuring, that it was designed for guitars only. The few that do work are fun to mess around with while using the drum tracks until I save for a Zoom.

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