Need some help getting some (any!) info on a "Hiwatt Maxwatt B100 15" bass amp

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  1. Greetings TB! Joined the forums not too long ago, and you guys have been so nice and really helpful in giving me advice for getting a new bass amp, so thank you in advance!

    Last week, I found a Hiwatt Maxwatt B100 15 bass amp for sale (used) at a very reasonable price. Overall, it seems like an okay 100-watt (?) combo bass amp with a 15" (?) speaker. It also has an onboard compressor, contour shaping, and a 7-band graphical EQ.

    The problem is I couldn't find any information at all on this amp - I've literally spent days trying to find specs or a user manual, but believe me, I couldn't find anything. The fact that this amp is a discontinued model doesn't help much. Can anyone help me in finding out whether this amp is worth buying, at all? How does it sound? Is it loud enough for some small gigs?

    I'm from Brazil, and finding any decent 100-watt units in the sub R$ 2000 (~ 400 USD) range is very difficult, and this one seems like a good find for the price (R$ 1900 or roughly 340 USD). Of course, I'll try it out myself before buying it, but I'd like to hear some thoughts from you guys first.

    As far as the amp's brand is concerned, here's what I've learned so far: Hiwatt is a British amp maker that's been around for quite some time and I've heard they've got some really good vintage bass amps (which I can't afford, like, at all). Unfortunately, it seems as though they've been through some rough times not too long ago with some shady/corrupt owners and were then sold to some Canadians. They also had some trademark problems in the US, which prompted them to rebrand as Maxwatt...? Maxwatt as a brand doesn't seem to exist anymore, unfortunately. Is any part of this correct?

    By the way, this is what the amp looks like. It's not too shabby aesthetic-wise, but it's not my favorite bass amp design either.



    The amp has an XLR out and two speaker outputs on the back:


    Lastly, between this Maxwatt B100, a Hartke HD75, a Fender Rumble 40 v3 and an old Peavey Max 115 (all used, selling for roughly the same price), which would you choose and why?


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