Need some info on Warwick 2004 Infinity SN5

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  1. So i put my Warwick $$4 up for trade and didn't see much for tempting offers til someone offered up a 2004 infinity sn5

    My reason for putting the $$ up for trade is the neck, Its been 3 years and i just cannot for the life of me bond with the thing, Its just uncomfortable for me. The neck has a narrow width (good!) but is a very very deep, ill say "D" shape? and its that front to back neck thickness which is the deal breaker for me.

    So my question for anyone is, Are the 2004 Infinity SN5s of that "baseball bat" style neck as well? Going to see the bass will require a bit of a road trip, So if the neck profile is a bust i don't want to waste my time or the other guys

    (I couldn't find any information on the neck profile on the Warwick site or a quick google search)
  2. cardinal


    Jan 13, 2016
    Maybe ask the guy if he can show you the profile. Easiest way is to take something like a line of solder and wrap it around the back of the neck (at the nut and 12th fret would be nice). And then trace the bent solder on a piece of paper. Then you can mark some measurements and such on the paper, and he can send you a pic of the piece of paper.
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  3. I played one from around that era and I remember it having a baseball bat neck. My 2006 Thumb also has the b b neck if that helps.
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  4. Sid the Kid

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    Jun 7, 2013
    It may have a thick neck profile as well. If it does the extra wood to accommodate the B string will drastically change how the neck plays.

    If you truly haven't bonded with the $$ then I would consider the trade. The value of both instruments is very close in this situation, with you ending up a little better in the end.

    My friend had one of those 5 string Infinity NT's with the F hole in '05 and I had a Corvette Jazzman FNA. His neck was far more comfy (less thick) to play. That Infinity was a remarkable bass actually, come to think of it.
  5. Flaked Beans

    Flaked Beans

    Sep 9, 2005
    My streamer LX6/Thumb NT6 and all my warwicks from the early '00s had those thick ovangkol necks.

  6. Who has it for sale? I'm interested in purchasing it!