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Need some input on my pedal line up!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BornAgainBass, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Hi all. I know there's a bunch of ways to line up your pedals and you're supposed to experiment with placement but is this right for a basic set up to start with. I have a buffer pedal at the beginning of the chain, a boss NS-2 after the two effects loops in the Radial Engineering EFX FX Loop Station pedal. Boss pedals are supposed to have a built in buffer so I am running it after the two effects loops. A Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer pedal at the end of the line. The pedal before the Boss LMB-3 is a Deltalab DBFX1 Bass Multi Effects Processor that I am just going to use for Reverb, Delay and a couple of other down the line effects. I like the Digitech BP355 Bass Multi Effects Proscessor effects more than the Deltalab's so I will be using that MEP more. It has a lot of clone pedal effects like the Boss OC-2, Boss CS-2, DOD FX25 Envelope Filter and a couple of other known effects. I am building a pedal board with a sliding pull out locking lower drawer that will hold both MEP's and the Morley Wah. Then the rest of the pedals will be on the upper level. All together, I am using 14 pedals so I wanted to make sure that I am covered for buffers down the line after someone here suggested getting some in the line. I always used MEP's or just a couple of pedals so I am new to using this many pedals all at once. Any help or suggestions on my pedal line up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody! Here is my pedal set up.

    TCE Bonafide Buffer

    Donner Ultimate Compressor

    RE Bigshot EFX FX Loop Station

    LINE 1

    Donner Blues Drive

    TCE Dark Matter Distortion

    MXR DD-11 Dime Distortion

    LINE 2

    Morley Dual Bass Wah

    EHX Bass Big Muff PI

    Digitech BP355 Bass multi effects processor

    RE Bigshot EFX FX Loop Station OUT to

    Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

    TCE Corona Chorus

    TCE Vortex Flanger

    Deltalab DBFX1 Bass Multi Effects Processor

    Boss LMB-3 Limiter/Enhancer

    From Bass

    To TCE Bonafide Buffer INPUT

    From TCE Bonafide Buffer OUTPUT

    To Donner Ultimate Compressor IINPUT.

    From Donner Ultimate Compressor OUTPUT

    To Bigshot EFX INPUT.

    From Bigshot EFX SND (LINE 1)

    To Donner Blues Drive INPUT.

    From Donner Blues Drive OUTPUT

    To TCE Dark Matter Distortion INPUT.

    From TCE Dark Matter Distortion OUTPUT

    To MXR Dime Distortion INPUT.

    From MXR Dime Distortion OUTPUT

    To Bigshot EFX (LINE 1) RTRN.

    From Bigshot EFX SND (LINE 2)

    To Morley Dual Bass Wah INPUT.

    From Morley Dual Bass Wah OUTPUT

    To EHX Big Muff Pi Fuzz INPUT.

    From EHX Big Muff Pi Fuzz OUTPUT

    To Digitech BP355 Bass MEP INPUT.

    From Digitech BP355 Bass MEP OUTPUT

    To Bigshot EFX (LINE 2) RTRN.

    Bigshot EFX OUTPUT

    To Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor INPUT.

    From Boss NS-2 NS SEND

    To TCE Corona Chorus INPUT.

    From TCE Corona Chorus OUTPUT

    To Boss NS-2 NS RETURN.

    From Boss NS-2 NS OUTPUT

    To TCE Vortex Flanger INPUT.

    From Vortex Flanger OUTPUT

    To Deltalab DBFX1 Bass MEP INPUT.

    From Deltalab DBFX1 Bass MEP OUTPUT

    (Plan on using Deltalab DBFX1 Multi Effects Processor only for Delay, Reverb, EQ and a coupe of other effects instead of having to buy more pedals)

    To Boss LMB-3 Limiter INPUT

    From Boss LMB-3 Limiter OUTPUT

    To TCE BG250-112 Bass Amplifier INPUT.

    2 available spaces in amplifier for TonePrints

    (Can only use one TonePrint space at a time in amplifier. TCE made combined effects TonePrints for the BG250-112 bass amplifier.
  2. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    This is a long list! I like the way you're thinking so far, I would most likely do it about the same. I like the more traditional approach most times. Comps, octaves and filters early (yet I usually like my wah very late in the chain), then dirt, modulation, delay then preamps and tone shapers and or DI. This works for me pretty well.

    One thing you may want to watch out for too, all those Boss buffers. If you get too many buffers in the line, or true bypass for that matter, it could create some signal issues. So I would keep an ear on that. Or you could be totally fine. Just a thought.
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  3. Thank you again gregmom79 for all your awesome advice! Very appreciated. I am going to use only one line at a time through the RE EFX FX Looping Station pedal so hopefully that will make it a little less. Then I am not going to have all the pedals on in a line when using the line. But that could still cause some problems from what I have learned from reading posts on here. I see all these huge pedal boards posted on here with so many more pedals than what I will be using. How the heck do they get all those to work together? Is there a middle break up pedal that I am missing here? I really hope I don't have to buy any more pedals. Well at least not for this pedal board lol.

    I really like the TCE Dark Matter Distortion pedal because it has a touch of Blues to it's sound and the MXR Dime Distortion sounds good for Metal but I can only use a low amount of it with my bass. The EHX Fuzz will be used together with the Morley DBW to play Cliff Burton stuff and I will use the Digitech BP355's pedal for the Wah and Expression effects when needed. I am hoping that the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor (running outside after the two effects lines in the RE EFX FX Looping Station pedal) will help take out any noise in the chain. I could remove the Donner Blues Drive and the MXR DD-11 Dime Distortion pedal if I need to lighten the load in the chain. But I hope I can keep them in the loop. I am going to use Snark power supplies with 3 pedals to a daisy chain and some power supplies that come with certain pedals in my chain until I can afford to get a good isolated power supply brick. I have some very expensive surge protectors that can take high amounts that I could use till then.

    I still haven't put my pedal train together yet because my back has been getting worse and I have been focusing on getting certain stuff done before I go in for a second back surgery any week now. But I have to get the pedal board built and have everything ready so I can practice my bass while I am on 2 weeks of bed rest afterwards. I will definitely try the other way you recommend to set the line up if I get some noise or lose tone. That pedal board the I am going to build is going to be 36" wide and 24" front to back with a 6" high bottom drawer area for the locking slide out shelf to come out of. I might angle the top shelf that holds all the pedals so I can see them better and access them easier. Thanks again for all your help and I will definitely try out the other configuration that you suggested if I end up getting noise in the line. Thanks again for all your help and have a great day!
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  4. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL

    Oh I know that pain brother. Every time I work on my board my back is so stiff I can barely stand up after.

    That's a good sized board, you shouldn't have many issues getting it all on there. Good luck with the build! It's always cool to build your own board. I did mine. Well, with some help. It turned out pretty nice imo.

    I can speak for myself. For a while I just plugged all the pedals into a line and went with it. Over time I've learned how to run it more efficiently with better, isolated, power and with the bypass looper. There's so many ways to skin a cat when it comes to running effects so that's cool. But I just run all my effects in bunches into the looper. Octaves in one, dirt in another, mod and delay in one, like that. It's worked well for me so far.
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  5. Thanks again gregmon79 and I hope you feel better. I might look in to getting another Looper pedal if I have any problems. Those isolated power bricks are hit or miss from what I have read. Some that say they are isolated get opened up by people who know what to look for and then post pics saying that they are not truly isolated lines in the power brick. Then other reviews say that they still don't have any problems while using them. So I read that the Voodoo Lab power bricks were the way to go. But they cost so much money lol. So it might take me awhile to get one and from what I see for ports on them, I am going to need to get a more expensive one with more plugs lol. We have a huge storm hitting Houston in the next few days so I guess I am going to have to wait to start building the board but should have it done by the end of next week. Thanks again for all your help and have a great day!
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  6. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    Thanks man, appreciate that. I'm all good atm though. Just when I revamp the board!! :spit:

    But as for the isolated supply, just stay away from anything that's too cheap or inexpensive in relation to something like the pedal power or say an MXR ISO brick. As far as I know, there is such thing as a cheap islaoted power supply. The closest I've found is the Truetone CS7 or 12. Joyo, cadine, these are NOT isolated. And you can tell my the price. Will they work for many boards, hell yes. But they are not truly isolated. Here's a few I know are for sure isolated that are what I feel are affordable

    Truetone CS7 or CS12
    MXR ISO brick (make sure you follow that name specifically)

    Those two are what I use. Not saying they are the best, but they are affordable as far as isolated supplies go and they work wonderfully. The pedal powers by voodoo labs are great too. However, I feel they are overpriced in today's market. And I don't like buying something like that used unless I know the seller well. Stay away anything that looks too good to be true, because it is usually. Joyo, cadine, older MXR bricks, they are glorified 1spots. And they work fine. But are not isolated. So do yourself a favor, spend a good little wad on good, clean power. I waited over 4 years to do so. I wish I would've done it sooner.
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  7. Thanks gregmon79. Well that's good about your back. I remember from looking at the reviews that said that one of the MXR bricks were not isolated and one was. I think it was the white one that was. Then it said that the Caline, Donner and other companies so called isolated were really not isolated. So everybody was suggesting the Voodoo Lab power bricks. The Voodoo Lab's do seem way over priced. I actually tried the 1spot with 7 pedals at first and that thing hummed too much so I returned it and decided to go with a bunch of Snark's and daisy chaining only a few pedals to each daisy chain to keep the lines down. But that was also before I started buying more and more bass pedals lol. I was using it with my guitar pedals and it sounded horrible no matter which way I set them up. Both of the MEP's and the MXR DD-11 Dime Distortion all have their own power supply and I believe the MXR is an 18v. The Trutone CS12 might be my best bet for the money and I will definitely buy new. Once I get a little more money, I could possibly finance one through ZZOUNDS which has a monthly payment plan. Wish I didn't spend a bunch of money on another guitar rig before I picked up a bass again lol. I could have had a killer amplifier set up and DAW set up with all that money lol. But I will get it all in time. I am definitely going to get the isolated power supply next. Hopefully everything I have now doesn't end up humming like a 1940's radio commercial lol. Thanks again for all the great info. Much appreciated!
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  8. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    Yes, the CS7/12 are def isolated and imo the best bang for your buck out right now.
  9. micguy


    May 17, 2011
    The more pedals you have the cleaner your power source needs to be to avoid issues. I don't use anything but Voodoo Labs stuff - always worked as it should, so no reason to look elsewhere.

    That's a lot of pedals. If I wee you, I'd start with just a few on the board, hook them up, try all the combinations, and if it all works, add one or two pedals at a time, make sure everything still works, rinse and repeat. That way when something is noisy or acts weird, you'll be able to troubleshoot things fairly easily.

    Good luck!

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