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need some opinions

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by wotnwhy, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. ok, it was my birthday yesterday (the 7th) and, in conjunction with money i've already saved, birthday money and some college grant money, i've managed to scrape together about 200/250 quid (U.K. pounds). ok, i know thats not a HUGE amount considering i've been saving for about a year. but i am a student ;)

    now then, i was originally going to spend the money on an acoustic bass. but know i'm having second thoughts about it. not because i think i'll get bored of it or anything, but because i've been thinging what else i could do with the money, such as:

    uprgrade the electronics on one, or both, of my basses.
    add a peizo pickup to my bass.
    get a nice multi effects unit, or a couple of single effects.

    so, what do you think? get the acoustic, or get some new toys?

  2. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    You type really well for someone who is only 7! :D

    I would get the effects, but that's because I like to make unusual sounds. Go w/ singles. The other 2 options would be good if you don't like your current tone.
  3. one of the reasons i'm having trouble making a desicion is, i keep arguing with myself. eg.

    well i'm not happy with the electronics on my fretless. it's a budget bass and the pickups and electronics are pretty poor. but i don't really play the fretless that much, so it would be a waste of money upgrading it. but one of the reasons i don't play it that much is it doesn't have that much MWAH! and i might be able to get a better tone with better pickups (it's not bad tecnique, i've played better fretless' and i can get MWAH! out of them), but if i do upgrade and still don't get the tone i've wasted my money.

    and the argument is very similar for the other options. i'm going slightly mad here :meh: :bag:

  4. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    In my experience, mwah is more a function of setup (strings, action) and playing style (pluck near neck) than it is electronics.

    Maybe you should save up and buy a nicer fretless, or pay to have a pro set yours up. That might make you play it more.
  5. dam..i was gonna use that joke jondog, anyway, ide really go for the acoustic bass, thats just my personal oppinion though, because i would love to own one someday. but its entirely up to you bro

    (i hate spelling):rolleyes:
  6. i do agree with you. however. when you hear the bass being played you can tell that the pickups are struggling to get the sound out (not the best description i know, but i'm sure you understand). and the controlls are pointless, none of them alter the tone at all!

    it would be nice to upgrade the electronics to something usefull. but on the other hand theres a lot of other stuff i could buy.


    oh man, this is weird,. i have GAS, and i have the money to cure it, but somehow, it's WORSE!
  7. Get a fretless acoustic/electric with builtin effects and good pickups inside

    I think that covers everything

    I would put an acoustic under the new toys catagory, as I would any bass. (Its something you would play around with)
  8. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Can you hear any mwaahh when playing your fretless unamplified? If there is no mwaahh acoustically, electronics will not help.
  9. yeah, there's mwah unpluged. but when it's amplified it's more of a FRLUG, thats why i was condidering the change.

    but i've just come across something on e-bay. it's a 6 string active bass made by a company called harley benton. it's on 160 pounds and there's a few hours left. the seller has all positive feedback and the bass generally looks quite cool.
    i've always wanted to get a 6 and tune it EADGBE like a guitar for solo playing. and this looks like my ticket so i think i'll bid

    anyone here heard of them? opinions?
    the auction

  10. bump

    i've bid anyway, but still... bump? :meh:

  11. rondo music
    they have some nice fretless basses. I bought a brice V2 5-string and I like it. It has active humbucker pickups and plays quite well (for me)
    They have a store in Europe, I believe
  12. You'll be lucky if you can get even a half-decent ABG for £250. Hell, even the "Stagg" (the lowest of the low, IMO) in my local shop is £300+.

    Similar situation with the electronics, for something decent, you'll need more than that.

    What *I* think you should do with that money is get the basses you have set up by a professional, and just go through all the second-hand outlets you can (especially places like "Cash Generator" and other chain-pawn-shops) for effects units. You can get some real bargins (I know I have).

    I can sympathise with your situation, for I am a student too. What are you course are you doing / college are you at, etc?
  13. the world is coming to an end...a guitarist that said you don't have to have...

    :( ...I'm scared:bag:
  14. Actually, in the band I play with him in - a kinda metal-punk thing, like Pitchshifter crossed with Cooper Temple Clause and At The Drive-In - solos of any sort wouldn't really work.

    So we don't let anyone solo.

    :D :bassist: :)
  15. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    I have been seriously considering a Brice Fretless 6- does your 5 get much MWAAHH- how's the tone overall?
  16. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    Yah I have really wanted an ABG, but I've decided that until I can pull togather $1400 and get a fretless Tacoma 5 with ebony fingerboard, then I'm gonna put it off. I just don't like fretted ABG's...
  17. That's what I've thought about ABGs before..... they cost more than a normal BG of the same quality.

    Or is it just me that thinks that?
  18. I think you could get mwaa out of it, but how I have my settings on my amp and controls I get more of a nwaa. I will play it some tonight with the though of what you want in mind and get back to you later.
    The overall tone, I think, is quite nice, though it is the only fretless as well as only bass with active pickups that I have...so I don't know if something elsewould be better. But I am happy with it.

    and Parrott I feel better now and think that the world will probably go on...but no matter what kind of music you play the fact that a guitarist said that still unnerves me alittle
  19. heh, update; Right now I'm arguing with him, stomp-boxes vs. Multi-fx.

    It's like that, you see.

  20. Yes, you can get MWAA.:) I changed the settings and :D it sounds goood. Not that I didn't like how I had it before, but now...I forgot how much I liked mwaa.

    Personally I think guitarists sound better with stomp boxes, but multifx are good.

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