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Need studio suggestions in the SF bay area

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by keiththebassist, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. hey all,

    My band is looking into various recording studios for our upcoming full length album. We are looking for a fully pro studio in the SF bay area, we are based out of the North bay so anything closer to that region is better but we are willing to travel to SF and a little further. We are looking for a studio that has lots of experience with our style of music which is a sort of experimental metal mixed in with psychadelic rock (best famous example is probably Tool or the Mars Volta).

    We are looking for somewhere around 10 days total and have a recording budget of somewhere around 5K (of course less is always better, but we are not looking to cut corners here either). Anyone who has experience with a specific studio in that area and could shoot some recommendations would be greatly helpful. We have a typical instrument lineup (drums bass gtr vocals) but Grand piano and an organ in the studio is a nice bonus.

    Thanks in advance!:help:
  2. Ahh come on! Nobody has recorded around SF and cares to share???:eyebrow:
  3. Try Gearslutz.com

    Are you producing the album by yourselves? my advice would be to get a good producer, you will achieve better results.
  4. Tiny Telephone is really nice. Neve console, Studer 827, bunch of nice outboard, good rooms, nice mics. A friend of mine made a record there last fall.

    Only 350/day if you are engineering it yourself. 550 or 600 if you need a guy.
  5. Thanks, we'd love to have someone produce the album but totally unsure of how to go about soliciting the product to potential producers, any advice is super appreciated
  6. Yeah, I have had one other musician recommend them as well, and they are within our budget. gonna put them on the list of studios to call to discuss the project.
  7. Do you have any potential producers?
  8. Not at the moment, seen a few of them marketing themselves out there right now. But nothing is currently being negotiated with anyone.
  9. deekay911


    Nov 4, 2007
    Charleston SC
    Are you looking at 10 days for tracking, mixing and mastering? That's on the tight side for a full album IMHO, especially for your genre.
  10. We have previously done about 18 minutes of material in 2 days, so were just kinda applying that and thinking that the next material will require a lil more tracking and mixing. We're just approximating the 10 days and not opposed to taking more time. We have been writing this album for over a year and ready to dedicate whatever it takes to make it become exactly what we are envisioning.
  11. Howdy

    Formerly of San Francisco, Tim Green has recently moved his operation to Grass Valley but he is way in tune with SF psychedelic rock....

    A few... Comets on Fire, Sleepy Sun, AssembleHead in Sunburst Sound, F**king Champs, Earthless, Comets on Fire, Howlin Rain, Red Sparrowes, etc..

    These are all really AWESOME sounding albums in my opinion. He is willing to let you do your thing or offer input, according to an interview I saw in youtube lately.

    I have no idea what his rates are. His new digs have a 1500 sqft guest house where you can stay with your band. Look at the pics it's a beautiful spot and there's no doubt inspiration would come easy there.

    Check 'em out, you sure couldn't go wrong...

    louder studios

    C. Monk

    Oh, yeah, how did I forget the Melvins? I checked out your myspace and it's toward the heavier side - so yeah, Melvins, Drunk Horse, etc....

    I'm not affiliated with Tim, I happen to be very good friends of some of the bands on the list.
  12. That's a nice suggestion, unfortunately grass valley is a little out of reach because all of us have day jobs and we cant all take the time off at once. I think we've settled on Shark Bite studios in Oakland. They seem very capable and have the gear for sure.
  13. Right on, I'm sure that you'll be happy there. Just had to throw LOUDER out there for the raw mad skill.

    Good luck on your project!

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