Need to decide between Aguilar DB212 or DB410 cabinet

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  1. ldryder


    Sep 8, 2014
    I recently parted company with a 410 cabinet that I just ended up not caring for, and want to replace it with one from Aguilar.

    In my neck of the woods, no stores stock Aguilar so I have no way to trying out different cabinets and I'm trying to decide between ordering a DB212 or a DB410 to pair with a Tone Hammer amp that I recently purchased.

    The bass that I play most of the time is a Fender Precision Bass with T-I flats, and I usually use a foam mute beneath the strings to give me more of the sound that I fell in love with in the mid-60’s. I like playing with the tone around 50% and like the clarity and the depth of that instrument. Additionally, I sometimes play a Jazz Bass also strung with T-I flats. Since 1965, I’ve mainly played through Fender rigs but finally made a decision to try Aguilar because of the love that the products seem to receive in the bass-playing community and the desire to try something different.

    I play a lot of 60’s Stax, Motown and soul music with an added dose of Chicago blues. I'm usually playing in smaller places, don’t play with very loud bands, and play very little rock beyond the early 70’s.

    I've had some discussions with Aguilar and they seem to feel that for the style of music that I play, I'd be a bit happier with their DB series, as opposed to the GS series.

    Now, I just need to decide on a DB212 or a DB410 and I'll be ready to place my order.

    Again, I know that the answer is likely to be a bit subjective but I have no way of playing through either cabinet, and doing a comparison for myself so I’m just seeking some general guidance.
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