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  1. Posting this on behalf of my fiance, who is offering a Cuisinart stand mixer - the kitchen kind of mixer, not the studio kind...

    - Model #SM 55
    - 800 watt motor
    - 5.5 quart brushed chrome bowl (possibility of other bowls available after she checks compatibility - if they do fit, I'll post details on them later on...)
    - 12 speeds
    - 3 power ports
    - comes with 1 flat mixing paddle, but does NOT have the whisk or dough hook...the owner's manual is also MIA but can be downloaded from Cuisinart's site

    This may have been a store's display model, which would explain the missing manual, etc. and/but appears to have not ever actually been used in a kitchen environment and is in VERY VERY VERY GOOD condition overall. She got it off eBay and/but literally a day later located the mixer she was really after and just wants to recover what she paid for it.

    $175.00 plus shipping - if interested, PM me a shipping address and I can get a quote. PayPal or USPS money order. Since this is not mine, it's pretty much cash only, but I/we can consider a trade if you've got something bass-related and really cool, but don't necessarily hold your breath on a trade.
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    Apr 28, 2007
    If I didn't already have a stand mixer (What? I'm in school for Hotel/Restaurant Management, and will be going to Culinary school afterwards! :p) I'd nab this one up. ;)

    Good luck on the sale! :D
  3. Ken, you are one intriguing mofo of a TBer. :D
  4. ...:D...

    And if you like that bit, wait 'til I post the pro-level ironing board she wants to deal off lie.
  5. "Bumpers in the night, colliding softly, we were bumpers in the night, shedding chrome-plate..."