Need Wiring Diagram for Gibson Thunderbird

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    Hey Guys,
    Im rebuilding an Epi- Custom T-bird in White, with Gibson Replacement Bartolini's. Im thinking of using Gibson 500 K pots for the two volumes, and a Gibson 250 for the tone, with a .047 cap. Does anyone out there have a wiring schematic that I could follow to hook this up. Should be fairly simple, probably could even guess, Ive wired alot of guitars, but just wondering if anyone had any experience with these or, had a diagram.
  2. You'll have to bear with me, as i don't know squat about Thunderbirds...

    VVT with a 3 way should be like this.

    500K, 500K, and 250K is 125K, which is similar (in theory) to the brightness of a P bass.

    Were you looking for a darker tone control?
    I would shoot for a larger capacitor, so that the tone is not drained as much when its turned up.

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