Need your help on mesa cabs....

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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about the mesa boogie road ready 15's from the days of the 1516...

    Also, can someone help me out with info and specs on the mesa boogie diesel 1x15 cabs from like 7 years ago as well? What are they rated at...what do they look like? (Anyone have any pics?) Are they front ported? How do they sound? AND, whats the difference between the horizontal and verticle series cabs? And, does anyone know what the ohms rating is on these bad boys???

    PLEASE provide any info you have or any links

  2. Yeah, but i need to know the ohms rating for the diesel 1x15 to see if i can run it with my 8 ohm diesel 4x10....

    Any other help?
  3. Is this a mesa diesel 1x15...if not, does anyone know what model 1x15 it IS? Also, how old is this model by the looks of it, and how do you think a 4x10 would do if i put it with this bad boy? (Assuming you know what it is of course...)


    Thanks again
  4. Don't know if this helps, but here's a pic of my '92
    1516BE Diesel cab. Runs at 4 ohms.
    One of the best cabs I have ever owned.

  5. fachie3


    Nov 12, 2001
    Chicago IL.

    I own the 1x15 cabinet with a seperate 2x10 cabinet.
    It is rated at 8 ohms and the cabinet is a work horse.
    It has the EV speakers and I have owned mine for about 5 years now. I stack them one on top of the other and they sound fine. Your question will it work with your 4x10 cabinet - is a BIG yes.
    I have a picture I will scan when I can.

  6. fachie3


    Nov 12, 2001
    Chicago IL.

    I noticed in your picture that you had an Ashdown ABM amp. I wanted to get your thoughts on that.
    I have the 1x15 and 2x10 speaker rig that I run through an Eden WT800 but I want to see about getting either a Mesa Boggie 400+ or the Ashdown ABM500 rack model.
    How do you like it - I play R&R and my choices are Boogie 400+ or the ABM500.
    So my question to you is what are the goods and not so goods with your Ashdown amp. I have the Goods and not so goods on the 400+

  7. fachie3,

    It really boils down to personal choice.

    I had the 400+ that I bought with that cab for a few of years, but prefer the AMB500 for sound, reliability, weight and low maintenance. Other goods are tuner out, mute switch, sub-harmoniser and graphic presets. Can’t think of any not so goods regarding this amp except perhaps that the send and return doesn’t seem to be as finely adjustable as the Mesa.

    Probably just my bad luck, but the 400+ let me down a few times on important gigs and seemed to be in more for repair than on top of my 1516 cab.
    In the end, although it was fixed, I just didn’t have the confidence to take it out to work.
    It did sound very good when it was working though. As I said, you have to A & B them.

    Saying all that, I’ve been testing a Hartke 7000 and bi-amping with the Mesa and an Eden D215XLT for larger venues just lately and have been very pleased with the results.
  8. TCollins


    Apr 4, 2000
    I have a Road Ready 2x15B rated at 4 Ohms 800 WATTS
    A MONSTER cab -by far the best I've ever owned -wish I
    bought another one before Mesa changed their design to the
    silver front models.

    Paul McCartney uses a Diesel 2x15 and a 15x16BE I believe