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  1. I'm guitarist/bassist who has not played bass in a number of years. I'm getting back into it. I bought a used Peavey bass (dirt cheap) and I needed an amp.

    In my collection of gear, I found a Peavey MAX pre-amp that I tried to sell last year. I'm glad I didn't. I ran it into my EV SB2A powered sub and SB122 passive sub. The SB2A has 350 watts and also sends another 350 to the SB112. The subs have 12" speaker in each.

    It sounds really good :hyper:
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    Not sure the reason for this thread. Was there a question?
  3. was this a review?
  4. Yes, no, yes, no yes, no................
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    That's certainly an unconventional way of getting the vibrations of the strings on your bass to move some voice coils!

    Good on ya for thinking outside the box. :D
  6. And now I get to practice, practice and practice some more.
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    Yeah, and with TWO subs you can practice TWICE as long! :hyper: