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  1. well i'm quite tired of using dropped D, dropped C, and the all strings down a 1/2 step tunings. anybody got some really unique tunings that they'd like to share. i'm trying to expand my horizons but i'm not too brilliant when trying to understand putting a guitar into a tuning for a certain key.

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    Apr 28, 2001
    What if you tuned EAEA or something with octaves of the string? Or you could turn the tuners like 2 turns looser or something like that. Or you could tune down in 1/4's rather than 1/2's.
  3. Mike Mannring claims that there are 28,000+ tunings for bass.
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    I'm waiting to master EADG and BEADGC first......
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  6. I tuned a guitar D D D D D D once. it was...odd. About 3 different octaves of D. A buzzy rattly D-chord mess.
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    Sep 2, 2000
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    Try BEAD
    (with a 5 string set)

    It's a funny tuning that's actually practical
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    Sep 2, 2001
    Try a tuning utilizing 5th intervals.
    Something like:



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    there is this really weird tuning ive heard of that is barely ever being used nowadays. I think it was something like... "EADG" or something like that. try that out
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    Sep 26, 2000
    That's crazy talk... must be those damn nu-metal kids!
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    by the way WHAT THE !@&# IS NU METAL.
  13. No, it's NU-metal is #$%#$^, not what the #$%#$@ is NU-metal.;)

    As far as tuning goes, I think it's only useful if you are going to be playing more than one note at a time quite often. Guitars have many tunings (Open D, open G, open Em, etc) mainly because of the new chords that those tunings offer.

    If you want more range then tuning in fifths might be interesting.