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Nemesis 2x10 Cab or Ampeg SVT 2x10HE cab

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by John K., Dec 29, 2001.

  1. I have a hankerin for a cab, and I need a small extension to my Peavey, I already got all the numbers down for ohms and power handling, what have you. But I just need opinions. Which will last longer, sound punchier, and have alot of bass without getting "boomy"? Thanks.
  2. ...I like my new SVT210HE, It lacks a little lows but not as much as most 2x10 the horn is a nice feature too. It has really good volume for a 2x10 but that may be because I'm using a 450 watt power amp to run it. I like it works great for smaller gigs when the volume of a 4x10 is not needed but the punch is... I'm not going to say coffee house gigs but really good for smaller venues.
  3. ldiezman


    Jul 11, 2001
    I have a Nemesis 210 combo amp. I would say the speakers sound pretty decent, some nice lows.. I like my amp.. but i am looking for something different.. a bigger amp and what not.. have you looked at ashdown stuff? i've heard decent things about these cabs.. never tried them myself so i really can't say much about them.

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