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  1. I practice in a 11 x 11 room and recently got this amp. I have the gain at halfway and volume at half way with Bass/Mid/treble at flat and its the right volume for me and the neighbors (I think - no complaints) Shouldn't it be louder. Meaning ... I'm surprise to play at halfway volume with this wattage Its 2 feet off the floor and against the wall. Specs say NA80 amplifier with 90 watts @ 8 ohms 120 RMS @ 4 Ohms. The back of the amp says 80 watts at 4 ohms above the extension speaker. The rep at Eden was not too helpful about what wattage I have. I also used to use a Hartke B300 30 watts at 4 ohms and its just as loud with no where the tone form the N10s. Thats why I got the Nemesis alot better tone and more power.

    My question at last is should this amp be louder or am I deaf or my expections have no merit? I am very paranoid of playing too loud since I do like my neighbors in this aparment complex.

    Thanks for any info

    Steve Murch
    Wilmington, NC
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    The fault is the size of the room, which is so small that it has many cancellation modes. You'll find the explanation here:
    Check with them, because while you may not hear a lot of bass in the room due to the cancellation modes the neighbors may have no trouble hearing it at all. Low frequencies go right through all but the most robust walls, floors and ceilings.
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    I'm an Eden Fan, I still use and NC210 for most of my practice w/ the band and they are very impressed with what comes out of that amp. I've had a WT1205 and a D410XLT which sounded awesome.
    That being said, the silver series IMO does not stand up to the rest of the Eden line. If you haven't had it very long, you might swap it for something different. If you can afford the regular Nemesis line, I think you will be pleasently surprised.

    I just saw Bill jumped in. I'd listen to him!!!!

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