Nemesis NC-210P for sale (2x10 200 watt bass combo amp)

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  1. Hey,
    This is the Nemesis NC-210P 2x10 combo amp with a tweeter. 200 watts RMS, effects loop, line out, ext. cab out, 3 band EQ w/ para-mids. Good cosmetic condition as well as good working condition. Ported in the front, handles lows very well. Make me an offer and please be reasonable, and remember that the cheapest you can get the nemesis new is $650(+ shipping). I am looking to sell soon, cuz i am trying to put together the funds for my new amp, so email me with a reasonable price suggestion....If your interested post here and/or email me at (Buyer pays shipping and handling)
    Email me with any other suggestions, plans, or deals you may want me to hear you out on. Thanks alot, and I'd rather give it to a TB'er first.
  2. Bumpedy-bump-bump-BUMP
  3. Do you still have this Combo? How much and do you have any pictures?