Nemesis210/410 V.S Carvin210

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  1. I NEED HELP! Which one is better. My price range is under 1K. I know alot of you tried these, and your help would be great. This is a v.s between combo amps not cabs
  2. Chasarms

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    May 24, 2001
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    I played a Carvin R600 along with a RL410T for about 18 months before dumping the whole thing for a Nemesis NC210P. So I am pretty sure I can offer a decent comment on this one. Carvin's 210 combo is simply their R600 head in a special 210 cabinet.

    No one is better than the other. Some help huh. It is a matter of what you need. IMHO, the tone of the Nemesis is WAAAAYYY better than the Carvin. And if you are planning on just using the Carvin 210 without an extension cabinet, the Nemesis is probably going to create more volume. That is debatable though.

    But tone is a matter of taste. There are some nice things about the Carvin. Like it has a variable compressor. The Nemesis compressor is a set one. (Although IMHO both aren't worth using) the Carvin also has a footswitchable graphic EQ which the Nemesis doesn't and it has a built-in crossover. (Sorry Nemesis) Both have effects loops. (Carvin's is footswitchable) Both have a high quality, XLR out. The Nemesis has a level control. Only the series III Carvin (which is what you would get if you bought new) has a variable line out.

    I prefer the EQ section of the Nemesis. SImple and intuitive. With Carvins it is a little tougher to find your sound.

    When you add an extension cabinet to the Nemesis, it can really crank. But it is full range. You could extend the Carvin in bi-amp mode. Which some prefer.

    If you are looking for volume, they are going to be fairly even. If you are looking for pure tone quality, I would go with the Nemesis, if you are looking for features, Carvin is definately the way to go. Carvin is the best-featured for the price.

    For me, it was features I didn't use. If you like the way Eden amps sound, you'll probably like the Nemesis. The only amp that I can think of that matches to the sound of the Carvin is the Peavey T Maxx. (This isn't a knock on Carvin, a T Maxx is a killer head)

    The Nemesis is about 20 pounds lighter, if that matters. Carvin has the nice tiltback feature.

    As far as dependability, I couldn't say. I don't really push my stuff that hard and take very good care of it. I have never had anything go wrong with either.
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    Sep 9, 2000
    I have the Carvin RC210, and I know a bassist who regularly uses a Nemesis 210. My impression is that the Nemesis has a considerably nicer speaker cabinet than the Carvin - and is more efficient. I don't know much about the Nemesis amp, but I would expect it to be inferior to the Carvin's R600 head. But given the difference in speaker efficiency, you'll certainly get plenty of volume from the Nemesis.

    I'd say Chasarms's comments are pretty good. If you only ever expect to need a small combo, then the Nemesis might be the better choice. Otherwise, if you anticipate hooking up to extension cabinets (i.e., building a stack), the Carvin might be the way to go.

    - Mike
  4. Thanks alot for your help the nemesis is probably the way for me bieng in a college dorm i like to piss off the building.