Networking, Im surprised at the number of people who want to talk on the phone these days.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by glocke1, Jul 21, 2018.

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    I understand the band related context. But since this is Talkbass (where we almost always extrapolate and widen the discussion)and because we are speaking of perhaps the most basic human trait (communication) I wanted to share what is a glaring trend: the public’s tendency to poorly relate to each other despite the insane amount of communication options.

    I see this communication breakdown as endemic and vitally important in all, pleasure, familial, etc.

    (By the way, the service I sell is so specific that we never need to go after business. No real salesmanship needed. You need us or you don’t.)

    Thanks for the great thread and for your indulgence!
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    i have a good track record on CL of avoiding weird situations compared to my other friends who sell stuff. that's possibly because hearing a person on the phone tends to give you a feeling for them. i don't need to waste time on the phone, and i don't want to just chat with strangers.

    and this is even more true of people i might want to play with. i jammed with some pretty unpleasant people in some uncomfortable situations in the late '90s when i only communicated via email. to be fair, i also met my husband through one of those "people wanted to jam with" ads, but i could have passed on some of the others. you can rule out within a couple minutes of actual talking people who sound weird, scary or who you just can't seem to communicate with.

    btw, when there's a lot of info to be passed back and forth, i find it much faster via phone than text.
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