Neutral strings-question or "The Elixir Roundwound-rant".

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Frohman, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Frohman


    Nov 24, 2009
    TL;DR: I'm getting a EBMM Bongo soon and need a set of all-around strings to go with it. Also Elixir sux.

    When I broke the D-string on a set of GHS progressives I decided to try something new. I had just seen an interview with JPJ where he praised the feel and playability of the elixir-strings. In excitement of finally breaking a string, I picked up a set of medium rounds, even though I considered the two lighter kinds for more comfortable slapping. Having said that, the slap/pop-tone on these strings are amazing, but before reading on, have in mind that this is the MEDIUM one.

    Here we go.

    Never in my life have I ever played such comfortable and fast strings that have sounded so bad. Even with the bass cranked to the max, no mids or treble on my amp, AND the tone control on my P-bass turned all the way to the right, the two upper strings still sounds like a friggin' piano. The two others you say? They, especially the G-string, are so full of bright overtones that you can't really hear them unless you pop them. I even had trouble tuning the damn thing, because of terrible overtones.

    It also screwed up my effects. With distortion on I was now suddenly a hybrid between a 747 jet engine and a 15 year old gui**** failing to play "Through the Fire and Flames." My synth sounded like a keyboardist on fainting on the upper keys. My wah... Well, my wah sounded really badass, actually. When no one else in the mix was playing, that is.

    Why didn't you change them, you say? Bass-strings cost a friggin' fortune where I live. A set of strings easily costs 500-1000 Norwegian Kroner, which is roughly 100-200$! I go to school and normally work 6-8 hours a week, I earn 104kr (17$) an hour and that set cost me 600kr (98$)!

    I have never had a set of bass-strings less than four months. And now, only moments ago, and approximatley one month, yes, ONE month after mounting them on my bass, I break the G-string. One month? What the hell? Why do they even make these strings? So that people can play a two-string bass? Why didn't they just make them out of glass? Actually I wish they did, because playing with shattered glass in my hands until I bleed to death is preferable to playing with these strings for a whole month.

    Now you must excuse me, I will be busy prying the broken string through my eye and out my ear, flossing myself to death and mailing whatever comes out of my head along with the string back to elixir.

    And then I'm going down town and buying myself a set of flats. F**k this, I'm sick of this sh*t.

    So to my initial question: What strings are neutral to be recognized as good all-around strings that go great with my soon to be EBMM Bongo? I'm looking for strings that do "well" with both slapping and fingerstyle, without the B-string getting too muddy (which isn't really an issue on the Bongo, I know.).
  2. darkstorm


    Oct 13, 2009
    I like GHS boomers for neutral. I regard neutral as in not adding to or subtracking from crunch factor and haveing good balance of lows thru highs.
  3. Yep, those are Elixirs! Feel great, you can slide all around, but you will be turning your amp and effects inside-out trying to find your tone!!!!!!

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