Neutrik jacks

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  1. i got acouple of neutrik mono jacks in the post today, to replace some old ones that wern't too hot and lost signal,

    anyway, what i need to help with is the soldering part, i can solder, i assume i solder the inner covered core to the smaller central lug that goes to the tip, and the outer copper webbing to the larger one of the shank??, correct?>

    what else should i do to it?

    the black sheath that covers the innards stops the threaded cap from tightening right up, the cables quite fat, will this be a problem??
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    Jan 25, 2001
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    Yep - spot on, inner to the tip and outer to the .. well the outer !

    If the black sheath won't go over the cable get some heatshrink and fit that to insulate it -

    They are lovely jacks those, a real pleasure to solder. I had some real nice cable and I could have sat an soldered cables all day it was that pleasant. Maybe I should get out more....
  3. it's not a lot, i'm going to fillet the sheath a little, not break it, just so it has a little more to bite

    what sort or cable should i use if i wanted to make another, ?
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    This video shows how to build guitar leads Guitar Cable