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    So let's say that you have a head with on 1 - Speakon out and you have two cabs with only 1 Speakon each. Note, the head and both cabs also have 2 - 1/4" jacks each. Would you:

    A: Run the single Speakon out of the head to the first cab's Speakon in and then run a 1/4" to the other cab?

    B: Just run two individual 1/4" lines out of the head to each cab?

    I'm thinking that option A might be the way to go if the Speakon is more efficient in handling current than the 1/4". This way the Speakon gets all of the current but then only pushes half of that to the one 1/4". Maybe there are some issues with doing it that way, I don't know. Anybody feel free to chime in.

  2. I would run the speakon to cab #1 and then run a 1/4" jumper between the two cabs. Otherwise, I'd just stick with 1/4" plugs.

    Unless you are somehow using undersized cable, or you have some freaky series wiring scheme, there shouldn't be any difference.
  3. I vote for A. The first cable is carrying the current for both cabs, if either deserves the added current carrying capacity of the speakon, it is the amp-cab1 cable. The other cable will carry half the current, so it is the one begging for the 1/4 inch cable (cab1-> cab2).

    Unless you're using very powerful cabs, it isn't much of a big deal no matter which way you go. Although it is way more likely you'll find speakon cables with the heavy guage wire you should be using, and the 1/4 inch cables generally, not always, tend to be less beefy, just because speakon was made mainly for high power and 1/4 may or may not be.
    You can certainly find 1/4 inch cables with 12 ga wire also, just not as common.

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    Thanks guys, I'll go with option A first!