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  1. Hi tv, I desperately need your help

    I've installed a Spector tone pump into my NS4 using EMG P/J's, and while the e and a string sound fine, I'm getting almost no signal out of my d and g strings. I checked the wiring diagram and did everything right. Suggestions?
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    Bring it to someone who knows what they're doing.

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    Is this an issue with both or one pickup? If its just the P can you test the DG side with a multimeter?
  4. No multimeter
  5. I think EMG's are one of the few pickups that actually are active as opposed to normal pickups being active because the preamp boosts them.Maybe this is causing a problem? I'm not claiming to be knowledgable by any means,just trying to help!
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    Sounds like the D and G side of your P pickup is not working.
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    Yep, exactly.
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    If I am not mistaken, EMG P pickup coils are parallel instead of series like most P pickups. Which would make it possible for just one half to go out.
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    is this a newer EMG set? have you tested the P by itself, vs the P and J together?

    the new ones clip the two halves of the P pickup together; check under the P pickup that the little jumper is still connecting the two halves together, and that it's not accidentally inserted backwards.
  10. No, it's the stock pickups from 1999. For some reason, the controls don't seem to do anything at all. I can't even turn down the volume. Still get a pretty sweet *** tone though.

    Did the ones in 99 do this? Which jumper? I doubt that's the problem, I just removed the EMG BTC pre in there and replaced it with the spector tonepump, I didn't mess with the pickups at all.
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    uh, then by definition i'm afraid you didn't.

    since you've got multiple problems here, it may be time to get it looked at.

    (also, i don't think in '99 they had the removable clip leads on the pickups, so that's probably not the issue.)
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    +1... Find a good shop in your area.
  13. Bump
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    "bump" what?

    did you ever get it looked at?