New 2001 MIM Jazz identification.

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  1. I was in my local Guitar Center looking for the new 2001 releases of the Fender P, and Jazz basses. I noticed that they have some of the old version, and the new version of the P-Bass marked with the same Fender Item #. Those are easy to tell apart as the new versions have the silver knobs and the old have the white plastic.
    I cannot however tell the difference in the new and old Jazz. On the Fender BassStreet website they mention that the new Jazz's have "New pickups, and "Vintage" style knobs". Now being new to basses I do not know new from vintage. I think one has the name of the knob's function on top, and #'s. and the other just has a line on the top.
    Can anyone tell me how to tell these apart, to make sure I am getting the new version? The employees there do not hardly know what I am talking about. Is the part # (013-6200) printed on the bass somewhere?
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    I'm not surprised...I think Guitar Center hires people rejected by Radio Shack. You know their new slogan, right? "Radio Shack - You have questions, we have no friggin' idea what you're talking about. Buy this cellular phone and get outta here, OK?"

    And I'm trying to find out the same thing about the 2001 MIM Jazzes. The replies I got on a thread I started about this a few days ago didn't turn up any concrete info - I think it's too early yet. Give it a month.
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    Look at the two pickups.

    If the bridge pickup is longer than the neck pickup, it is one of the new 2001 ones.

    If the bridge pickup is the same lenth as the neck pickup, then it is one of the old ones.

    I am waiting for the the 2001 basses to arrive in the UK, they are a good deal with the new pickups.

    BTW, all the basses you see in Algarve Blue are the new 2001 basses as only the 2001 basses come in this colour.
  4. Well I answered my own question. I just went and bought one of the new MIM Jazz Basses.
    The differences between these and the older ones are as follows:
    *The Bridge pickup is about 1/8" wider than the neck pickup on the new ones.
    *The Knobs on the new are in the vintage style, all black with just a white line on the top. No numbers.
    *I was comparing the headstocks on both the new and old, P-Bass, and Jazz, and it looks like the new ones are finished in a noticeably lighter color. That is all that I could come up with.
    Happy long (and safe) labor day weekend to all!